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This is a PHP Project entitled Rates System. This web-based application is a Land Properties billing and Payment software. The system manages the clients' properties using, billings/charges, and other related information. The system has 2 sides of users which are the admin side and client-side. The client-side of the system has a secure login and it contains the clients' details of his/her

Online Health Care System in PHP with Full Source Code

Online Health Care System in PHP with Full Source Code The Online Health Care is an automated system that is made up of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MYSQL for the database. The main purpose of this Online Health Care system is to help improve and optimize all the processes within the institution. This Online Health Care system has two sides, an admin and a user. About the Online Health Care System in

Resort Reservation System with Online Payment using PHP and PayPal Source Code

This reservation system has the ability to help its customers find available rooms, cottages, and even function halls for their convenience. And in here, they will also have the idea of the room rates where they can quickly reserve for their family members or friends. On the admin side of this system, the admin can add rooms and set the rates of every room, cottages, etc. And also he can upload images. The admin can view all reservations and it can be printed for the reports. A PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card can be use a payment method.

Tenant Directory Management System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This project is entitled Tenant Directory Management System that was developed using PHP/PDO. The system has a Floor Plan of the specific building that indicates the exact location of the stalls of each tenant of the specific commercial building. The system also processes the tenants' lease payments and electricity bill payments. This project has 3 images of floor plans which are the Ground Floor

Simple CodeIgniter CRUD Application with Bootstrap Source Code

This is a Simple Web Application that was developed using PHP and CodeIgniter Framework. This is system has a CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). Use this simple CodeIgniter CRUD application to get a basic idea on how to work with CodeIgniter. This can be helpful especially those who are new in PHP Programming. This web application also uses Bootswatch Bootstrap Library to make the

Simple Student Information System using PHP with Source Code

This is a simple PHP Web application entitled Simple Student Information System. This project will help you learn a simple way in developing an Information System using PHP Language. This simple information system allow the students to register and input their informations. The student can also see the details of other students by searching them. The system uses Bootstrap Framwork for the design

CRUD Operation using PHP/MySQLi with DataTable and TCPDF Tutorial

This tutorial source code will teach how to CRUD(create, read, update, delete) using the two MySQLi Extensions which are OOP and Procedural. Also included, the data table library which is an extension that uses jquery to beautify and add functionality to HTML Table. Lastly, included is a PDF Generator using the TCPDF library.

Inventory Management System Using VB.NET and MySQL Database with Source Code

Doing an inventory can be a tough job but here’s a software-based inventory system that will keep your inventory balanced. This inventory system lets you track and monitor easily the inventory and sales. Aside from that, this system also includes tasks such as stock-in, stock-out, and return for products. This uses a variety of information or data to keep track of the product as they move through

Basic Shopping Cart using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

This project is entitled Basic Shopping Cart. This is a web application that was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. This program allows visitors to your online shopping site to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. The system has 2 modules which are the Admin and Customer module. The Admin user can handle and manipulate the

Payroll Management and Information System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple Payroll Management and Information System project. The system has simple management features that will help to calculates the payroll of the employees in an organization. The system stores the amount of the deductions and income rate. This system has the operations and logic in developing a web application using PHP Programming Language. My main purpose in sharing this source code