loan management system

Open Source SACCO Management System Free Download

This is Open source SACCO Management System free download which is developed for computer science students. The field of computer science is concerned with the study, development, and maintenance of digital computers and computer systems. Moreover, it encompasses a wide variety of areas such as data science, information technology, networking, programming, coding, and web development, in addition

Ezee Microfinance System using VB.NET and MS SQL with Source Code

This is a VB.NET and MS SQL Project called Ezee Microfinance System. This project manages the microfinance business records including the list of clients, clients loans, and many more. The system stores the loans and automatically calculates the monthly payment due amount of the client. This project also records the payment, deposit, and withdrawal transactions of the company clients. The system

Self Help Group Management System in PHP/PDO with Source Code

Hi! I just want to share with you this Self Help Group Management System in PHP/PDO. Currently, this is a demo application for our idea. Our goal for this app is that we want to achieve is to help in the effective management of money within the group and also to directly connect the SHG to institutions such as banks and etc. so that the group will have a platform to launch itself and works towards

Modern Loan management system Project in PHP/MySQL with Full Source Code

Managing Paper forms of loan application is an old technique that is quite troublesome and can have the risk of missing the paper. This “ Loan Management System “ is a Web-based application. This system includes various features like Adding loan requests, Loan repays, Reports, and so on. Applying for loans is a tiring and confounded cycle. This web application is very well designed to simplify the