JQuery and Bootstrap

How to use DataTables in Bootstrap

DataTables in Bootstrap

If you are looking for on how to use DataTables in Bootstrap then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to tackle about on how to use data tables in bootstrap. This is a use of the jQuery plugin to have dynamic tables which can provide Searching, Sorting, data in every page. Also, it has a pagination to controls the pages.

Online Video Player:Share Your Videos with the World

This is a video sharing website. Any user having an account can upload a videos. User can also edit/delete/private/public their videos. This videos can be watched by all the user who access the website but only those user who have an account can rate, comment and subscribe videos/channel. It also recommends similar videos that your watching and more videos of that uploader. I have used here auto

Add/Update/Delete Data in MySql Using PHP jQuery UI Dialog Box & Bootstrap

Dear friends, I would like to share all of you with my wonder technical of using Jquery Dialog box to add/update/delete data and I really appreciated with Sourcecodester.com that allow us to share it as global. I am IT Officer of Local Project in Cambodia. If you have any problem, please contact me as [email protected] or via my facebook account http://www.facebook.com/TouchPoan or my blogspot