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Human Resource Information System Using PHP with Source Code

This project is entitled Human Resource Information System and was developed using PHP. This web application is a great help for our own company and can track each employee what time, the date he can be assigned to different branches and I know what branch he used to be and so on. The system has a Multi-Login Feature and has 3 types of user roles which are the Super Admin (HR Head), Admin (HR Head

Human Resource Information System in PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This Human Resource Information System is an online-based system that aims to simplify HR activities such as data entry and tracking of information of employees. This system enables the HR department to spend less time on clerical tasks and helps ensure the accuracy of employees’ data. There’s no need to search through large paper-based employee file to find information. This is a user-friendly

Self Help Group Management System in PHP/PDO with Source Code

Hi! I just want to share with you this Self Help Group Management System in PHP/PDO. Currently, this is a demo application for our idea. Our goal for this app is that we want to achieve is to help in the effective management of money within the group and also to directly connect the SHG to institutions such as banks and etc. so that the group will have a platform to launch itself and works towards