Introduction: Welcome! This tutorial will teach you about how to create and use ArrayLists. What are ArrayLists? ArrayLists, normally referred to as just Arrays, is a type which can contain multiple items. For example; a shopping list could be referred to as an array or shopping items. ArrayLists must be made up of one type only. You are unable to mix and match different types within one ArrayList such as String and Integer.

Filling and Getting the ValueMember of a ComboBox in Vb.Net

In this tutorial I will show you how to fill and get the ValueMember of a ComboBox in VB.Net. Knowing the value member of the items that will be displayed in a combo box is very important.Why? For instance, in the “employee’s table”, you want to display the name of the employee in the combo box, but you want to get the id of it.

How to get the Name Of Multiple TextBoxes Using For Each Loop

In this tutorial I will teach you how to get the name of a specific TextBoxes by using For Each Loop in VB.Net. This method will determine what are the names of your TextBoxes that you drag it on the Form. You will be able to find out the specific name of the TextBox because it will be seen in each TextBoxes. So let’s begin: Open Visual Studio and create a new Project. Drag all the TextBoxes and a Button.