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Invoice generation application in EXCEL

A beautiful Invoice Generating Application in Microsoft Excel, create and save PDF format for invoice copy in current working directory. And excel copy also in current directory for future edit. A menu driven application truely professional style. Password : 123 all comments to : [email protected] Pls send your comments to [email protected] regarding Why you doesnot like ? Why you like ? so that

Create a Chart and Export Data from the DataGridView into Excel

This code sample will randomly generate the data set, then put into the DataGridView. The data from the Grid table is generated in the Chart. There are three types: Column, Line, and Point. I used the @Run Time method to create Legends and Series. In addition, I gave the code to send data to Excel (Line-By-Line) as well. Visual Basic .NET (2010) + MS Excel 2010 Thank You. I hope this sample

Cabin Assigner Pro

This program allows to create and assign cabins at summer camp. There are error checking features including setting a capacity, an alert if a child is assigned to a cabin outside of their age range, it will prohibit assigned a cabin that is set for a different gender than the child, and it allows auto-assigning to save clicks. Campers and counselors can be added one by one, or imported through

How to Convert SQL Database into Excel File (*.xlxs) in PHP

In this tutorial, we will convert sql to excel using PHP. This code will read all data from an SQL table then add it into an excel file using a class called "xlsxwriter.class.php". You can download the class using this link from Github Things to do You have to download and install XAMPP or any local server that run PHP scripts. In my case I used XAMPP as my local server, here's the download link