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Exam Scheduling

Class and Exam Timetabling System in PHP with Source Code

This is a Class and Exam Timetabling System Project that was developed using PHP. This system managing the school classes and exam schedules. The project was developed specifically for CHMSC (Carlos Hilado Memorial State Colled) School. The system has 2 modules which are the Admin Side and Department Side. The Admin side is in charge of maintaining the important list such as the courses, teachers

Online Class and Exam Scheduling System in PHP with Source Code

This system is intended to create and easily manage the class and examination schedule of an institution using PHP and Mysqli. Easily tracking of conflicts on the teacher, students, and room schedule will be detected by the system to avoid redundancy and inconsistency. This will greatly ease the person-in-charge responsibilities in doing schedules at the start of the semester and examination. This

Class Scheduling System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

About In this source code, you will learn how to create a class scheduling system. This system will help your school manage the assigning of the schedule of classes without conflict. It can detect if the room was already taken by other instructors. It can also detect if there's a conflict with time. The admin user can manage all the data in the system database such as the list of courses, teachers