Drag and drop

Drag and Drop - Uploading Multiple Files using Pure JavaScript Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create or implement a Drag and Drop File Uploading using Pure JavaScript. This tutorial mainly aims to provide IT/CS Students and new programmers with a reference to handle file uploads on both the client and server sides. Here, the step-by-step tutorial for achieving the main objective is provided with snippets for better understanding. A sample web application source code zip file that demonstrates the tutorial's objective is also provided and is free to download.

Creating Simple Drag and Drop using jQuery UI Tutorial

In this tutorial, I've created a simple drag and drop using jQuery and jQuery UI Libraries. In this tutorial, the user will select his/her choice and with the use of jquery, we are going to determine the user's choice. I hope this tutorial will give you knowledge on the topic.

Before we start, please download the following libraries first: