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Crystal Report

Employees Information System in VB.NET Free Source Code

This project is an Employee's Information System in VB.NET and MS Access Database. This application is software-based that stores the information of the employees of a certain company. The information of employees contains the personal information of the employee and some relevant details. About the Employee's Information System This Employee's Information System is made by the 2nd year Bachelor

Point of Sales (POS) in VB.Net and MySQL Database with Full Source Code

About Point of Sales System This Point of Sales (POS) system can be used in any small business. This has the capabilities of making your business grow and easier to run. This system is very essential, it processes sales and accepts payments that help a lot the staff in managing everyday sales transactions. It is fast and efficient and could also provide sales reports. This system is very easy to

How to Add SAP Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2015

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add SAP Crystal Reports in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. When installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 it does not include a SAP Crystal Reports because it is not installed as a third party application. This means that you have to install it by yourself. Don't worry it's very easy, even a beginner can follow this simple step that I'm going to show you below.

Tagukon National High School Library System

Due to the slow process of borrowing and returning of books in Tagukon National High School Library. The BSIT-4 college students came up with this idea of making a Library system that would make every transaction faster and more accurate. It contains transactions such as borrowing and returning of books. And the inventory of books that you will easily know the in and out’s of the books. In here

TTJ- Inventory System

This TTJ- Inventory System is created using Visual Basic 2008 and supported with Microsoft access for database and I use crystal report for reporting and barcode generator as a third party for this system. And this system can monitor all kinds of assets registered on the system, the system can track all the transactions especially the In and Out of stocks, generate reports such as: List of all