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This TTJ- Inventory System is created using Visual Basic 2008 and supported with Microsoft access for database and I use crystal report for reporting and barcode generator as a third party for this system. And this system can monitor all kinds of assets registered on the system, the system can track all the transactions especially the In and Out of stocks, generate reports such as: List of all items, list of all Available Items, Daily Transactions, List of all transactions, List of returned Items and you can filter the reports by Date. And the management of user is also available in this system.
The process of using the system:

1.First the you must log on to the system using the administrator account.
Username: joken Password: 1234
2.Then using the admin account you can create a new user for inventory users.
3.Next, you can click “Generate Barcode” to create a barcode for a new incoming item(s).
4.Then, in registering a new item or stocks, just click the “stock master” button and you fill up for the item information.
5.And when the “Transactions” button is clicked, the transaction form will appear and you can now start the transaction and you can use a Barcode scanner to scan the generated during the third steps or the user can manually input the barcode number using the keyboard.
6.And all the list of items, Daily transactions and other reports can be seen when you click the “Reports” button.

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I intend to use a crystal reports barcode generator, as you mentioned you use crystal report for reporting and barcode generator as a third party for this system, does it means generating barcode in crystal reports can be achieved in this system?

san ung data base?

..l.. t('.'t)<c><b>

nasan po ung database?

sir ngayu q dah b sng link kung panu madownload ang
hehehe kapuy kung sa lab lng himuon ang mga activity...

where is the database?

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