visual basic 2008

Simple Grading System using Visual Basic.Net with Source Code

This application was created using Visual basic.Net and the database support of this system is created in Microsoft Access 2007. The main purpose of this system is to create and save new data of student, Grades of the specific term of the school year. This application source code can help you to learn how to create VB.NET and MS Access database integration project. The source code has 4 main

Course Advisor Using Visual Basic .NET

Brief Description: Course Advisor is an expert system that uses forward and backward chaining reasoning. It is useful for old and new student. It can identify subjects and it can enroll subjects. Procedure: The process and technique that we used to create our expert system which is the Course Advisor is the forward chaining and backward chaining. We used these two techniques to our expert system

Computer Assisted Instruction Simulation(CAIS)

Computer Assisted Instruction Simulation (CAIS) of Computer Parts is a self-teaching technique involving interaction of the student whereby computer is used to present the instructional materials and monitor the learning that takes place. Instead of bringing computer parts, we create a computer simulation parts that simulates computer parts and functions, traveling packets and also it has an

Slide Show

In this program you can make slide show of your photos or images. You can browse images then click slide show under the Tools. You can also change the image view from normal, stretch, autosize, center, zoom and size to Fullview etc. Regards, Dalimark Tenio 10uSolutions [email protected] Fan Page:


Teenage Pregnancy Analysis September 24, 2014 This research is studied for the sake of early teenage pregnancy awareness in order to realize the fast growing population. This research is dedicated to all teenagers who are not aware of this case. We, as the student of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science conducted this study in order to determine the probabilities or expectancies of the said

Ethernet Cable Color Ordering

This program is the Ethernet Cable Color Ordering Game. In this game you will be able to learn the color coding of the two type of Ethernet cable: the Straight-through and the Crossover. You must drag and drop the wires to the pins then click crimping tool image. See the attached .docx type and the ReadMe.txt in the .zip file. Regards, Dalimark Tenio 10uSolutions [email protected] Fan Page

Weather Forecast

Brief Description: Weather Forecast is an expert system that uses Bayesian reasoning and Certainty Factors. It predicts tomorrow’s weather based in some factors given and etc. Procedure: The process and techniques that we used in our project entitled Weather Forecast is the Bayesian Accumulation of Evidence and the Certainty Factors. Regards, Dalimark Tenio 10uSolutions [email protected] Fan