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Teenage Pregnancy Analysis
September 24, 2014

This research is studied for the sake of early teenage pregnancy awareness in order to realize the fast growing population. This research is dedicated to all teenagers who are not aware of this case. We, as the student of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science conducted this study in order to determine the probabilities or expectancies of the said study.

The goal of this study is to simulate the probabilities of Teenage Pregnancy with the help of some factors that affects teenage pregnancy. Some of us might ask that how do teenagers get pregnant at an early age and what are the factors that affect early pregnancy, so in order to simulate this particular problem we’ve choose to create some of its’ percentage using the variables or factors of the said problem. Some questions that will be answered are what ages have the highest probability of becoming pregnant and what are the factors affecting teenage pregnancy.

Effects of Pressured=Peer Pressure(.30)*Probability of Pressured
Effects of Absent Parents=Absent Parents(.50)* Probability of Absent Parents
Effects of Glamorized=Glamorization of Pregnancy(.50)* Probability of Glamorized
Effects of Lack of Know.= Lack of Knowledge(.30)* Probabilityof Lack of Know.
Effects of Sex.Abuse/Rape=Sexual Abuse/Rape(.05)* Probability of Sex. Abuse/Rape
Effects of Drinking=Teenage Drinking(.30)* Probability of Drinking
Total Probability=Effects of Pressured+Effects of Absent Parents+Effects of Glamorized+Effects of Lack of Know.+ Effects of Sex.Abuse/Rape+Effects of Drinking
Average Probability=Total Probability/6
Average/100 data=SUM('Average Probability')/100

Dalimark Tenio
[email protected]
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