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Simple Chat Application Via LAN Connection

This is the 1st Version of my Last Upload *Simple Chat application using Java. Requirements 1. Simple knowledge in File Sharing from 1 PC to Another (Peer to Peer Connection) 2. Turn of your Fire Wall 3. Scan the File Before trying my code (For your own safety) A simple chat application that uses file sharing technique, I don't used a Client Server Type where you must use the PORT of the Another

Google Makes Video Calling Possible Through Its New 'Duo'

Along with the advancement in the field of communication gadgets are the level up types of communication. The communication types have come a long way from sending short message service to multimedia message service up to comments in social media specifically Facebook. It did not stop there. The chat box has also become a communication phenomenon most especially with Facebook's Messenger application hitting the surface. Upgrades continue until it reached the video calling.

Launching Of Quantum Satellite Might Result To Hacker-Free Communications

Communication plays a very big role in the present times not only within countries but even across nations. There are a lot of cases in which families are divided by distance and the everyday communication is the only way to fill in the gaps. To test new possibilities in the field of communication, China has recently launched a quantum satellite in space. It was the first communication satellite to be set outside the human world.