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College Management System

Student Information Management System using VB.NET using Source Code

This is Student Information System Project. This Project was written in VB.NET as the front end and SQL Server as the Back end. The program is a program with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operations. My main purpose in developing this project to help newbies or IT/CS students to learn how to create a VB.NET and MS SQL Server Database Project which might be useful to them for their future

Simple College Management System using C# with Source Code

The idea of developing the “College Management System” project has come to our mind when we go to the College of computer education where we see that the data is handled manually in the form of files. This is an attempt to create a project “College Management System” through which will show all the working of College will be automated. It can be used both in top-level and bottom-level management

Online Institute Management System with Secure Login Algorithm using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

The Institute Office Management System is a web-based application for institutions to maintain their complete activities related to the institute. This software is very easy to operate and light on system tool to maintain information about Institute, Students, Teachers, Courses, etc. This system has 2 types of users, 1 is the administrator and the other 1 is the users. The admin can manage all

Advanced College Management System v2.9

It’s an advanced college Management System Project written in C#.Net 4.5 as front end and SQL Server 2012 as Back end. Version 2.9 : Lots of Security Features are added 5 different types of user types are added 1.Admin - Everything 2.Lecturer ( attendance & internal Marks Entry only) 3.Accounts officer (TRANSACTIONS only ) 4.Admissions officer (Student registration,Profile Entry only) 5.Student