CodeIgniter 4

Creating a Login and Registration Form using CodeIgniter 4 Tutorial

In this tutorial, this tutorial can help you to create a Login and Registration using PHP's CodeIgniter 4 Framework. The tutorial aims to provide students and new programmers with a reference for learning to code for developing web applications using CodeIgniter 4. Here, I will be providing the scripts of a simple web application with a Login and Registration feature.

Company Recruitment Site in PHP using CodeIgniter 4 Free Source Code

Introduction This simple project is a Company Recruitment Site. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP, CodeIgniter 4 Framework, and MySQL Database. This project's main goal is to develop a simple Recruitment Site for a certain company. The application provides an online platform to publish the company's job opening and allow possible applications to submit their applications

Simple Attendance System in PHP using CodeIgniter 4 Source Code

Introduction This simple project is an Employee Attendance Management System. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP, CodeIgniter4, and MySQL Database. This is a simple Online Attendance Log Platform for the Employees of a certain company. This application helps to record the employees' attendance log effectively and is easy to retrieve. The application has a simple and pleasant

CodeIgniter 4 Pagination Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to Use the Pagination Library of CodeIgniter 4. Here, i will be providing instructions and source code for creatiing a simple web application in PHP using CodeIgniter 4 Framework which loads and a multiple data and has a pagination feature. This feature is commonly used in developing a web application for optimizing the page load. This will split your large datasets into pages which helps to improve your application page load.

PHP CodeIgniter 4 - CRUD Application Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about creating a CRUD (Create, Read, Edit, and Delete) Operation in PHP CodeIgniter 4. CRUD Operations is one the most common function or feature of the web applications that contains a dynamic data. Here, you will learn how to retrieve, store, update, and delete data into the Database using the PHP CodeIgniter Framework. I will be providing a simple web application source code below that contains a CRUD Opertaion.