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Booking System in PHP

Doctor's Appointment System using PHP Free Source Code

(Updated) This project helps a certain medical establishment such as a clinic or a hospital clients/patients to request an appointment with a doctor online. This project can also help doctors to manage the schedules of their appointments with their patients. This doctor's appointment system will organize the schedules of each patient's appointment, which will be submitted as a request to the

Online DJ Management System in PHP/OOP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Simple PHP entitled Online DJ Management System. This is a web-based application project that helps the DJ or Sound System Businesses an online platform where they can manage their clients' booking. This application has also a public website that allows the visitors to explore and browse the different events they provide service and their package information and pricing

Simple Online Men's Salon Management System in PHP Free Source Code

This is a Simple PHP project entitled Online Men's Salon Management System. This is a simple web application management that provides the men's salon shop's clients or possible clients an online booking appointment. This application has an Admin Panel where the salon management can manage the list of their services and clients' appointment requests. The application was developed using PHP and

Online Car Rental System Using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

The Online Car Rental System with Source Code is a PHP project that allows you to transact online booking for car rentals. The system is using PHP and MySQL.The system is very straight forward. After you log in as admin, you can create a brand and add vehicles used for booking online. The system also has testimonials and a contact us page so the customer can give their feedback and contact the