Number Subsets Calculator in Java (Applet using AWT)

Guys, here is a problem given to us by our professor during our class in Object-Oriented Programming. Here, I used the AWT library of Java to design the interface. Problem: Given an array containing some integers (there may be duplicates), write a routine or method that returns all the possible sums that can be formed by using numbers in the array. For instance, if the array contains 4 and 6, the

Decimal to Hexadecimal Conveter in Java (Console-Based)

Hi guys! I'm here again. Today, I will show you a Java program I made that can convert a Decimal Number to its equivalent Hexadecimal Value. It is very easy to do this because I just followed the rules in converting from decimal to hexadecimal number in number system. Take note that there are 16 values or digits used in hexadecimal number system which is the number from 0 to 9, and the first six

Decimal to Octal Converter in Java (Console-Based)

Watch out this guys! I made this decimal-octal converter in Java. I used the BlueJ text editor to write, compile and run my program. You can download the BlueJ software from my blog site at or from the official website of BlueJ at Download the source code below and try it in your own. You can modify and add some features. See the