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Creating Simple Like and Dislike Button Using AngularJS

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Like and Dislike Using AngularJs. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It is a kind of template that extends HTML to a new level of coding techniques. It is mostly used by another well-known site for creating a template. So let's take a look. Creating a form This is where we will display all the data, to do that just copy/paste the

Creating a Simple Shopping Cart Application Using AngularJs

In this tutorial, we will create a simple Shopping Cart Using AngularJs. This simple application purpose is to add the product that the buyer wants to buy, and will be listed to the cart waiting to be paid. We will try to use angularJS to implement this simple task in a different way. The directives within the AngularJs made this application a little bit simpler but full of functions that can be declared like jquery libraries.

Checker Game Using JavaScript

Checker Game with Source Code is a JavaScript project that is a multi-player game where players challenge their selves in a digital board game. The program was created using these languages JavaScript, CSS and HTML. The gameplay is very simple in this program, both players need to do is to place the checker in a diagonal position. They are two different color checker where players decide who to go