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Management System in Python - #1 - Main Menu & Adding Users

Introduction: In this tutorial we will begin making a local user management system in Python. We have done this before in a simple SQLite database, but this series will be storing the information in simple plain text files ready for editing manually and portable safe. The Main System: First we want to create a main function which will be our menu system. The user will loop around this until they enter "0" to exit the program.

Account Inventory

This account invenyory system is created using 2010 as front end and microsof access as back end. You can store your accounts username and password for the future reference. Features: 1.New user registration 2.Add,edit,delete and print stored accounts Login information: username;Admin password:admin Rquirements are: Visual studio 2010,crystal report 2010,microsoft access If you think it is

Social Networking Site (CHMSCnet)

As the time changes, people is searching for a medium that they can use in communicating and others continue to discover some instrument that will help them communicate with other people in an easy and obtainable way. Users also have an account, can upload profile picture, update personal status, add friends, send message, chat, add new threads in forum and especially profile updates to know the