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Cost Control Systems, calculate the cost of every products you manufacture.

Cost Control Systems, input all purchase bills and their related cost by giving answer to each question. Then similarly input all the component to goes in for the manufacturing and their expenses. Control your purchase and cost of products.By preparing the actual cost of each product. all your comments to: [email protected]

Access, PayRoll Application for Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Pay scales,flexible

Microsoft Access payroll application for Hourly calcualtions, Daily, Monthly pay scales. Duty, Overtime rate based attendance marking and calculations. Very simple and highly flexible payroll for all most every needs. Many reports and transfer to Excel options. Cash payment list, Bank transfer List, Department wise list, Advance transfer List etc are available. Very good for practical environments

Computerized Payroll System (Java GUI)

This Computerized Payroll System was my project in Computer Programming 2 Subject particularly in Java when I was a 2nd Year Student. This project was developed using JCreator Pro and MS Access as the database used. This features employee information with its designation, employee settings for the allowances such as food, transportation, and others; and deductions such as absences, SSS, PhilHealth

Patient Information and Billing System (Eclipse Java/MSAccess)

This Patient Information and Billing System was programmed through Eclipse Software using Java Programming Language and Access 2010 as the database used. The features of the system are the following: - Login - Inventory - Confinement - Medicine Information - Patient Information - Billing - Discharge Account Information: username: admin password: lyndon For more inquiries and need programmer for

Airline Reservation System (Java + MS Access)

This is an Airline Reservation System programmed in Java programming language and MS Access as database. Features of the system: - Store Passenger Information - Choose Flight Origin and Destination - Billing - Accommodation - Search, Edit, Update, and Delete of Flight Information Account Information: Username: Don Password: 1234 For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems in any

Simple Grading System in Eclipse (Java + Access)

This is a Simple Student Grading System written in Java as the fontend and MS Access 2007 as backend and was programmed in Eclipse.This was a student project of my students in their Java Programming Subject. This features to add, edit, delete, and search a specific student and will enter their prelim, midterm, prefinal, and final grade then compute the General Weighted Average or GWA of the

Student Information System (Java)

This Student Information System was developed using Java as the Frontend and MS Access Database integration. This was one of the student projects in their java programming subject that i made when I was still a student. This system has all the object components in java such as buttons, textfields, radio button, combobox, list, images, checkbox that you can refer on how to use these components. It