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Sale Invoice, Purchase, Production or Inward, Outward - Inventory/ Stock System

GST Sale Invoice, Purchase Bills, Production Entries or Inward or Outward - Inventory System with Sales Invoice of GST type and Purchase or Daily Production or InWard or OutWard entries to maintain Inventory/ Stock register. Sales Local or Sales Interstate is selected automatically and Cash or Credit information are posted accordingly. Stock report with Drill Down Menu options.... Stock summary->

GST Invoice with HSN / SAC code, in Access application

GST Invoice Generator written in Access. An Invoice application for GST type that can be used all over india, with personalise Logo, Prefix for invoice no, for printing of beautiful 2 invoice copy in an A4 paper. Automatic numbering, Local / Interstate sale a/c and CASH/CREDIT bill type, etc. It is easy and simple like a bill book and scroll back/forward to move..... report and many many.... ***

Bank Book, Cheques, Reconciliation, Over Draft, Bank Balance,

A very useful application in Access for Bank Book and Cheque Book management, reconciliation, Over Draft and Balance checking, with Address Book, Rtgs forms, pending cheque List etc. etc. ******* NEW RELEASE ******* BASIC CHANGES Opening Balance to be in Chq Table certain accounts to be created with code as 1,2,3,4 1- CANCELLED 2- BANK CHARGES 3- BANK INTEREST 4- SUSPENSE LEDGER ==================

Access RTGS, NEFT Bank forms, multiple company, Address Book

Access application for RTGS, NEFT Bank forms for Fund transfer from multiple company and different Banks as many as you want... === NEW =========== A simple application for preparing the Bank forms to submit for RTGS / NEFT fund transfer. You will have a copy of the transactions with you, besides easy preparation for fund transfer application. New release, very useful for practically for Indian