Contact Persons CRUD System using VB.Net and MS Access with Source Code

First of all, I just want to say that I just switched from VB6 to VB.Net for only 8 months when I developed this program. But I would like to share with you my basic CRUD application in VB.Net and MS Access. This project is intended to collect employees' list information and the internal phone number to call. The design uses the One To One (1:1) relationship by loading data from the Detail Data

All Basics Programs and Access Database Connectivity Programs of VB.NET Just in one Project

Technologies use to • Visual studio 2010 • VB.NET 2010 • .NET Framework 4 • Access 2007 List of programs: • Calculator • ComboBox • All Condition Statements • DialogBox Examples • ListBox • LinkBox • ProgressBar • PictureBox • Timer • MenuBar • RichtextBox • All Looping Statements Examples(For Loop, While Loop and Do While Loop) • Single Dimensional Array and Two Dimensional Array Examples • Two

Login using Visual Basic (VB6) and MS Access Database

LOGIN into Access using Visual Basic(VB6) Previously I had created a database connection to MS access using Visual Basic(VB6) at . In this project I have gone further to create a login system using VB6 and access database. Feel free to access this source code but always mention the coder or his email [email protected]

LPG Sales and Stock Control in Access

Application for LPG sales and Stock Control in Microsoft Access with Invoice Printing, Opening stock, closing stock, party wise stock, group wise stock etc. and many more... Total redesigned with Opening Stock, Closing Stock, Ledgers etc... now with drill down options to vouchers/ Ledgers in most of the Reports Project Password: lpg comments to: askrajan@gmailcom

3 SQL Version of NorthWind Database

A great way to learn database programming is to have a good sample database with lots of tables and appropriate relationships between them to work with. Queries can then be composed from within a variety of programming platforms, such as Java, PHP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#, etc. NorthWind is a free sample database that Microsoft included with every version of Access going all

Invoice generation application in EXCEL

A beautiful Invoice Generating Application in Microsoft Excel, create and save PDF format for invoice copy in current working directory. And excel copy also in current directory for future edit. A menu driven application truely professional style. Password : 123 all comments to : [email protected] Pls send your comments to [email protected] regarding Why you doesnot like ? Why you like ? so that

Microsoft Access Car Rental Application

Microsoft Access Car Rental Application. Real situation based development for a friend and submitted herewith total freedom of customisation. For any Rent a Car business using Microsoft Access 2010 onwards... send email to your clients regarding the rental agreement. See your Income and Expenditure statement. Bank loan refund, income on any particular car etc... Create the ledger account carefully