Sale Invoice, Purchase, Production or Inward, Outward - Inventory/ Stock System

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GST Sale Invoice, Purchase Bills, Production Entries or Inward or Outward - Inventory System with Sales Invoice of GST type and Purchase or Daily Production or InWard or OutWard entries to maintain Inventory/ Stock register. Sales Local or Sales Interstate is selected automatically and Cash or Credit information are posted accordingly.

Stock report with Drill Down Menu options.... Stock summary-> Product Details-> Production or Inward or Outward register-> Entry Screen.
Transfer stock details to Excel and prepare you own reports.

Prepare your Invoice with company Logo in beautifully designed vertical / horizontal A4 size format printing, single or double in a page as you wish. Stock quantity is available as on any date you requested and DRILL DOWN TO THE VOUCHER ENTRIES as you wish to see the details or to modify. Modify code according to your individual requirements....

====== MUST TRY ... VERY GOOD FOR: ======
Small / medium Sales Shops , Small / medium Business House, Small/ medium Production centres, Small/ medium ware hosue, etc etc.....

NOW with DAILY PRODUCTION Entry for Manufacturers also....

======== Project Password : stock

Author : Rajan
All your comments to Email: [email protected]

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helo pls provide code

thanks for the code rajan

HOW can i download code and edit it

Dear all,
The password is gst
and it is already given in detail. If you have any troubles, it will be some things else and try to find out.
Happy coding....

This is very good for any small/ medium sized businesses house and Manufacturing centre etc.... Definitely should TRY..

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