Airline Reservation System (Java + MS Access)

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This is an Airline Reservation System programmed in Java programming language and MS Access as database.

Features of the system:
- Store Passenger Information
- Choose Flight Origin and Destination
- Billing
- Accommodation
- Search, Edit, Update, and Delete of Flight Information

Account Information:
Username: Don
Password: 1234

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some parts of the source code has a "//" sign,, what is it for?

Hello Sir, Im errol 2nd Year computer Engineering student po. Im browsing the internet po about java and database, next sem po kasi kukunin ko to kaya nag advance read na po ko at nakita ko po yung post nyo na article sa sourcecodster about sa airline.pinag aaralan ko po sya at na compile ko naman. ANg galing po pala ng gawa nyo, kaya gusto ko magfocus sa programming..tanong ko lang po about sa Microsoft Access pano po ba yun. Access ang source ng data o dun maiinput ang mga data na nilalagay sa java?
thank you po


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