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The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games


Would you like to learn to code from scratch and to do it the fun way by making computer games in Unreal Engine using C++, the industry standard language?

This course The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games has over 36,000 students enrolled.

In the first section you’re going to start with a game called bulls and cows. A fun and addictive word guessing game. It will focused purely on learning the basics of good coding practice and of C++ in your development environment.

Then move on to building escape. This simple yet incredibly powerful game allows you to explore the basics of the unreal engine without getting bogged down with unnecessary things you get into how to build levels of any size and how to import assets and customize their materials. And then very importantly, how to make your C++ code change the behavior of the game.

Battle Tank

You will also learn how to create battle tank where you learn about menu systems, you learn about composing much more complicated models. You’ll be learning about projectiles, particle effects, terrain and then having AI pathfinder around that terrain and lots more detail control systems and much more.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to start making simple Unreal Engine games in C++ and you’ll be much more confident with coding than you ever were.

So it’s a great time to learn to code and making games is just the best way to do it.

What Others Say About This Course

A really valuable course for everyone who want to start game development using a previous programming experience. The course provides a really solid base for beginners and provide knowledge that helps avoid some common problems.

- Dmitriy Shamaev

Great course that doesn't just write code and have you follow along. Helped me find a deep understanding of a lot of the engines components so that I can apply them to my own situations.

Edit: Now I've finished the current content I can honestly say that this is easily the best Unreal Engine 4 course I have been able to find anywhere on the internet. I wish I could give it more than five stars and I can't wait for more content to come out. On to Blender!!!

- Sam McKay

I'm a past CS grad with a major in game technology. I bought this course for my younger brother so he could get up to speed in his off-time with programming and UE4, for a game we plan to work on. So far(about 80% in the course) he is catching on rather well with the presented materials.

Ben's lectures are engaging and generally contain a good amount of depth about the relevant subject . But not just that; the content is delivered in way that will surely stick with the student, if he/she puts in the time to work through the challenge slides.

I also like the occasional, deliberate, "booboo" that presents common pitfalls(like pointer protection). I can heartily recommend this course for anyone aspiring to develop games with UE4.

Side note; the earlier mentioned game me and my bro are planning to work on is a first person shooter. Coincidence has it that a new project is added to the course that does exactly that! Again; hats off.

- Maikel van Munsteren

Learning Unreal Engine 4 and C++ was simple in this course. This was a great investment, and I recommend purchasing the course for anyone that wants to learn Unreal Engine 4 or just to improve their C++.

- Mahyar Babaie

Thank you for making this course. It is my dream to make my own game and (hopefully) start my own studio. I've spent the last year teaching myself C++ (and since Java/JS/Node and a little C# and PASCAL) in the hopes of using the powerful Unreal Engine. No amount of youtube videos or even Unreal's tutorial videos have set me up for success like your Udemy course has. Thank you!!

- Cole Switzer


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