Helmet Store Showroom Site in PHP and MySQL Free Source Code

Introduction This project is entitled Inquiries Store's Showroom Site. It is a web application developed in PHP and MySQL Database. The project was mainly built to provide Inquiries Stores a platform for their possible customers where they can display their helmet products virtually. It has a pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap Framework and AdminLTE Template. It consists of user-friendly

Dynamic Navigation Tree using PHP Multi-Level Array Source Code

Introduction In this article, I will show you how to Create a Dynamic Navigation Tree in PHP. This kind of feature might be useful for you for your current or future project especially if you are planning to develop a broad and dynamic website or web application. Here, snippets and a sample web application source code are provided. What is a Dynamic Navigation Tree? A Dynamic Navigation Tree is a

Site Bookmark App using JavaScript Free Source Code

Introduction This is a simple JavaScript Mini-Project entitled Site Bookmark Application. This is a web application that allows the end-users to easily store and retrieves the sites they wanted be bookmarked. It was developed using JavaScript, jQuery Library, and JS Local Storage API. It has a simple and pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap v5 Framework. It also consists of user-friendly