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Hi sourcecodesterian, I try to make a simple CRUD in File Handling System that will store data using files in txt format. The main feature of this program that will Create, Read, Update and Delete. The process of this program will add fullname and address. In fullname field, the system will auto create a txt files and get the current date with the random number for the file naming and save the fullname inputted by the user to the content and store to the "name" directory. Then address field same to the fullname process but this is store in different folder in "address" directory. For retrieving the data I use their filename to retrieve display, update and delete.

Hope you like it. Please leave your comment below...

Happy codings...

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I have some 2 projects that I am working on independently and would want to share with professional developers like u in order to get it done fast and as well add never existing features to the apps. You can reach me on email: [email protected] So that I can send the analysis with you in order to know what role you will be taking and the COST to be incurred. Thanks

I already send my request to your given email sir.


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