Online Bus Ticket Reservation

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The code is simple and understandable that contains all the modules that are needed for this project.
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i need to bus ticket reservation project with data base.......
so please can you send me this project without errors on [email protected] ...please
mujhe iss project me kus bhi nahi ata tum agar help karoge to achha hoga ....please..

i want online bus reservation system in python

please share the proper ERD diagrams and details for online bus reservation system

please send me database file of project at [email protected]

Is this your only blog on this matter? If you have any more blogs or anything on this can you please let me know? I found this blog very enticing.

please send database to [email protected]
thank you

Its already there in the zip file named as test.sql

How do I create the databases? [email protected]

Please see to that a file called test.sql is present inside the Zip folder that you have downlaoded, If you are using Php myadmin import this file into that I am not sure that this is compatible or else

you can open that .sql file and see the tables and implement the same in your seperate php myadmin

and give that link by updating the file where ever that is used

See to the syntax of connecting a .sql file and do it...
it is simple and u can doi it

Thanks for all... and sendig a query...

please send a data base in [email protected]
please thank you :)

why do you claim there is no database and it is possible to create it.


ple sent to me database [email protected]


Sorry for the inconvinience
i have updated the file.... int the page..


please send me the database [email protected]

please send me the database and the write of this your software at [email protected]

Please send the database to [email protected]

Where is the database?
Could you mail me the database at [email protected]

the test.sql file is been updated into the .zip file...


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