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Welcome to the Online Timesheet App, an intuitive and efficient solution designed to streamline time management and task tracking. Built using PHP and MySQL, this web application offers a user-friendly interface for individuals seeking a convenient and organized way to record their work hours. With features such as adding, updating, and deleting timesheets, users can effortlessly maintain an accurate record of their daily schedules. The app's responsive design, powered by Bootstrap, ensures a seamless experience across various devices, while JavaScript and jQuery enhance the interface with dynamic and interactive elements. Whether you are an independent contractor, freelancer, or anyone managing their time, the Online Timesheet App simplifies the process of tracking work hours and tasks.

Harnessing the power of modern web technologies, this application provides a robust and reliable platform for users to manage their professional responsibilities effortlessly. By combining the versatility of PHP with the reliability of MySQL, the Online Timesheet App not only offers a feature-rich experience but also guarantees secure and efficient data storage. Whether you're adding a new entry, updating an existing timesheet, or deleting outdated records, the application's straightforward functionalities empower users to stay organized and focused on their work. Discover the convenience of effective time tracking with the Online Timesheet App, your go-to solution for maintaining a clear and concise record of your professional activities.

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  1. Add and Manage Timesheets: Users can easily add new timesheets with details such as date, day of the week, time in and out for both morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) shifts, task descriptions, and automatically calculated worked hours. The application supports a straightforward interface for managing existing timesheets.

  2. Update and Edit Functionality: The app allows users to update and edit existing timesheets, making it flexible for changes in work schedules or task details.

  3. Delete Timesheets: Users can delete timesheets as needed, providing control over data management.

Technologies Used:

  1. PHP: The backend of the Online Timesheet App is powered by PHP, a server-side scripting language known for its versatility and compatibility with web development.

  2. MySQL: The application relies on MySQL as the database management system, facilitating efficient storage and retrieval of timesheet data.

  3. Bootstrap 4: Bootstrap 4, a front-end framework, is incorporated to ensure a sleek and modern design, as well as responsiveness across different screen sizes.

  4. JavaScript and jQuery: JavaScript and jQuery are employed for client-side functionalities, enhancing the user experience with dynamic and interactive features.

How to Use:

  1. Adding a Timesheet:

    • Click the "Add Timesheet" button to open a modal form.
    • Fill in the required information such as date, day, time in/out, and task details.
    • Click "Add Timesheet" to save the entry.
  2. Updating a Timesheet:

    • Find the timesheet you wish to update in the table.
    • Click the edit icon (pencil) in the "Action" column.
    • The modal form will appear with the existing data filled in. Modify the necessary details and click "Update Timesheet."
  3. Deleting a Timesheet:

    • Locate the timesheet you want to delete in the table.
    • Click the delete icon (trash can) in the "Action" column.
    • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Sample Screenshots of the Project:

Landing Page

Add Timesheet Modal

Update Timesheet Modal

Delete Timesheet Confirmation

How to Run?

  • Download and Install XAMPP.
  • Download the provided source code zip file.

Note: The database is included on the provided zip file.


  • Create a database named "timesheet_db" in phpMyAdmin MySQL.
  • Transfer the provided source code to the htdocs folder.
  • Import the provided SQL file into the created database.
  • Open your browser with the link "http://localhost/online-timesheet/".

Video Demonstration for Installation/Setup:


In conclusion, the Online Timesheet App stands as a valuable tool for individuals seeking an organized and efficient means of managing their work hours and tasks. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration of PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery, the application provides a comprehensive solution for time tracking and record-keeping. The ability to effortlessly add, update, and delete timesheets ensures flexibility, while the responsive design caters to users across different devices. By combining modern technologies and intuitive functionalities, this app offers a reliable and accessible platform, empowering users to stay in control of their professional schedules. Whether used by freelancers, contractors, or anyone looking to optimize their time management, the Online Timesheet App is a dependable resource for maintaining a clear and organized record of work-related activities.

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