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Gym Management System Project in PHP Free Source Code


Gym Management System is Project intended to assist the exercise center with monitoring the everyday exercises which happen in the gym. The primary motivation behind this venture is to computerize an exercise center or a wellness community and all records can be put in gym facility management software. It is an easy-to-understand application. It aides the Gym public to keep up with the track of different things like Members of the gym, Types of equipment in the gym, Facilities, Trainers, gym management software systems, Gym Management systems using PHP MySQL, etc.

  • How to run gym management software watch the following video for the same.

above video is for How to Run / Execute gym management system project in PHP source code free

This Project gives the client the gym office to make every one of the information-saving interactions simple in fitness club management system project documentation. Update, Add, Delete, and so on this frames work gives to add data or any sort of subtleties from the record mentioned software. The next version will be Gym Management Software with Payments Systems. The primary point of our system is to give a paperless working of the gym up to 90 %by using gym analytics software and gym membership billing software. It likewise targets giving minimal expense, dependable, computerization of leaving a system, for example, manual system.

The system likewise gives the security of information at each degree of client system interaction with software for gym membership management free. All the subtleties of providers and upkeep subtleties of the supplies are gotten put away in the data set as we have utilized MS Access to store our information on gym website source code. It has a Login structure by which the position to get to the system will be given just to the member no other individual can get to the system till the secret password and username is known to him/her in the fitness club management system project

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The principal objective of the Gym Management System is to improve and redesign the current system of the gym and fitness management software. It saves every one of the subtleties in the data set and let the client check all the passage made by client and assists with making changes time to time if required in gym member management software. Easy to install. User-Friendly system. Reduce paperwork. Reduce mistake: Due to automation, there are fewer potential outcomes of blunders. Increase work speed: Within a small part of seconds, all the conceivable cycle is performed. Redundancy: Reduce information excess. Excess is the reiteration of comparable information in the system of best gym management software and gym management app is on the way. LOGIN: It permits the client to make a login and additionally helps in secret word recuperation if the secret key is neglected in the gym payment app. It permits just those clients to get to the system that knows the secret key and client id and henceforth gives security by the fitness studio management app. Inquiry: It stores the inquiry subtleties of a client and separates them based on inquiry id in gym reporting software. We can erase search the inquiry subtleties. Easily by utilizing search query. Member Registration: It stores the subtleties of the individuals and figures the sum to be paid by part in gym billing systems and gym management system project reports in PHP. Equipment Registration To add new types of gear to the exercise center and store the information or insights regarding the supplies that are added and removed with the help of the PHP project fitness club management system with all source code in PHP. Bill To print the installment subtleties that are paid by exercise center individuals and all these can be recorded on the gym website source code as Complete Project On Gym Management System (With Source Code).

Following are the modules of the Gym Management System project in PHP source code free : 
- Dashboard
- Members
- Payments
- Health Status
- Plan
- Overview
- Exercise Routine
- Profile
- Know More

How to use :
1) Download and Unzip the zip file on your local system.
2) Copy the mayuri_fitness  folder located inside the extracted source code folder and Put/Paste this folder 3) inside xampp/htdocs/mayuri_fitness.
4) Database Configuration 
5) Open PHPMyAdmin Create a Database. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
6) Import database present in the DataBase folder with extension .sql
7) Open Your browser and browse “http://localhost/mayuri_fitness/”
8) Sign in with Login Details available in credential notepad/text file.
Please don't forget to give credit to the original developer because I really worked hard to develop this project and please don't forget to like and share it if you found it useful :)

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