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This is shopping website which deals with both front and back ends operation.
#Customer side :
1.Login ( LOGIN credentials )
2.Update Address
3.Track Order
4.Cancel Order
5.Feedback seller
6.Print invoice

#Admin side :
0.Login ( login credentials )
1.Register Seller
2.Register Courier Service
3.Control all operation regarding order
4.Insert Product
5.Edit Product
6.Manage Categories
5.Manage website

#Seller side :
1.Login ( credentials )
2.Insert product
3.Receive/View orders
4.View listed products
5.Edit listed products
6.Print Invoice

#Courier side :
1.Login- (credentials )
2.View all orders
3.update order for delivery
4.Print invoice for customer
6.Print invoice for seller
7.Delivery Product

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send me username and password at [email protected]

Username: admin
Password: [email protected]

NOTE: The T is capital letter.

Thank you sir for your good work. Please sir I need the admin login details of shopping website. I've tried both:

Username: admin
Password : [email protected]
Username : admin
Password : [email protected] but everything proved abortive. Please help. Email: [email protected]

Hi, please you have done a great job. But you didn't provide login details for the admin side. Email me the login credentials on
[email protected]

here we are using admin and password [email protected] but we are not able to access the admin area. Please provide the right admin login information

Username : admin
password : [email protected]

Please share with me admin username and password
Email. [email protected]

Username= admin
Password = [email protected]

Hello please I will need the admin user name and password. Kindly send it to me at [email protected] thanks

username= admin
password = [email protected]

Great Job bro , Please send me the admin user name and password at [email protected]

Hi, please you have done a great job. But you didn't provide login details for the admin side. Email me the login credentials on [email protected]

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