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The main purpose of this study is to build a system that will provide a fast and reliable solution for the processing of the faculty clearance. Hence, eliminating the traditional or manual processing of Faculty clearance.

This system will automate the clearance of every Faculty members and the signing will simply follow.

Faculty will be able to view the clearance status and upload documents while the designee will approve the completed documents or requirements that the faculty submitted.

One important feature of having an automated clearance is to avoid submitting the same information every year. Those, eliminating additional time in processing a clearance.


Create a database called “onlineclearance” and import the file named onlineclearance.sql located under db folder.

For the Faculty account to work, make sure to set the "Set deadline" under the Admin account.

Account Info

User: 1
Pass: 1234

User: admin
Pass: 1234

User: accountant
Pass: 1234


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its going to help me a lot

hi please when i try to log in in keeps failing. please help me

Hi the system is very nice but when faculty needs clear from the college first faculty is send request to designee's .please add this function on faculty sidebar.

cant login please need the correct user name and password . thanks in anticipation

Anytime i tried to login it always saying failed

sir how to fix the print feature of PDS? like CSC form

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