Multi Role Login System Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

Welcome to the Multi-Role Login System, a sophisticated web application crafted to deliver secure and role-specific access using PHP and MySQL. This dynamic system introduces an innovative approach to user authentication, allowing individuals to log in with distinct roles, such as "Admin" or "User," each with unique privileges. Through a seamless integration of PHP for server-side scripting and

MySQLi vs. PDO: Which PHP Database API Should You Use?

Interacting with databases is crucial in numerous web applications, and PHP, a widely used and adaptable scripting language for web development, is well-suited for this task. In PHP, two commonly favored methods for database interaction are MySQLi (short for MySQL Improved) and PDO (PHP Data Objects). They both provide means to connect with databases, execute queries, and fetch data, but they

PHP CRUD - Joins Two Tables with Free Source Code

In web development, creating efficient and interactive applications is a common pursuit. When dealing with databases, the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations are fundamental for managing data. Often, data is distributed across multiple tables, necessitating JOIN operations to retrieve and manipulate information comprehensively. This project will guide you through building a dynamic PHP

Preventing SQL Injection in PHP Tutorial


In this tutorial, I will teach you how to Prevent SQL Injection in writing your PHP Queries for your current and future PHP Projects. This tutorial aims to give the IT/CS Students or those new to PHP Language a reference to learn for securing their database data in PHP. Here, I will be providing some snippets with a sample source code that demonstrates our topic for this tutorial.

Online Employee Leave Management System in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This project is entitled Online Leave Management System. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP and MySQL Database. The main goal of this project is to provide the certain Company to manage their employees' leave requests. This is also helpful to the employees as an easy way of submitting their leave requests. The application has a pleasant user interface using

Point of Sale (POS) System Using PHP/PDO Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project called Point of Sales System. This project has many features that commonly needed to ease the day-to-day transaction of a certain store/company. This POS System can also handle customer credit which the customer can make an installment payment. The system has a simple user interface and user-friendly functionalities. About the system This Point of Sale System was

Creating a Simple Activity Log Feature in Web App using PHP/PDO

This is a simple PHP/PDO tutorial script source code that tracks the system users' time log. The program was developed using PHP/PDO, MySQL Database, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. This will help you to learn how to create a simple activity log in your PHP web application. In this tutorial app, the system also updates automatically the login status of the user either online or offline

Online Student Management System in PHP/PDO with Source Code

Here’s an Online Student Management System that will surely help a school in managing and keep track of the information of every student. Compared to a manual that needs a lot of time in managing the information in a spreadsheet, this system can save you a lot of time and it will do all the work for you. It is a user-friendly system that school staff and admin can easily learn all the features in

Online Boat Reservation System using PHP with Source Code

This is an Online Boat Reservation System for Renting a Motorboat. The system provides the motorboat's rental business clients an online platform where they can reserve their boats they wanted on their desired dates. The system has an Admin Panel in which the admin user or the management manages the list of boats for rentals and the reservation of their clients. The system has a pleasant user