Access, PayRoll Application for Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Pay scales,flexible

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Microsoft Access payroll application for Hourly calcualtions, Daily, Monthly pay scales. Duty, Overtime rate based attendance marking and calculations. Very simple and highly flexible payroll for all most every needs.
Many reports and transfer to Excel options. Cash payment list, Bank transfer List, Department wise list, Advance transfer List etc are available.
Very good for practical environments. A new version is with extra reports. Advance list preparation, transfer to excel for reporting etc.

individual Ledger is also maintained for balance Outstanding amount
Customised Logo etc.
**** with ESI/ PF statutory deductions *****
Flexible Duty Hours for Hourly calculations, User defined duty hours for Hourly calculations. Suitable for Labour Suppliers, Labour Contractors also.....
******** Password *************
User : Varghese, Admin
Password : 123 , abc

Project Password : payroll
You can modify this or use as it is, Normaly no errors.
But no guarantee, It is your own risk only....
New Release - practically good for Indian situations, or similar

Pls let me know all your comments to : [email protected]

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This application is the latest and ADVANCED PAYROLL SYSTEM.... All of you should TRY....

start not working bro

The new release is a fully functional applications. Thanks to everyone who encourage me...

Start button Errors rectified... and you can try new release

You have the total freedom to use the code or part of as the way you wanted... Let people share their knowledge and grow like a baniyantree...

Totally redesigned new release after getting feedback.

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