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How to use the program:

The program has 2 files to run a client/server. The server resides on the victim's computer and the client connects to the server program. You do not have to worry about running the server program as it will not do anything unless it receives command from the client program. Once the server ready to accept connection it will listen on the port 40131. To connect to the server program just input the IP Address of the computer.

Password: testing

Note: For educational purpose only.



Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


As a VoIP engineer, providing remote support to clients under contract, why would i NOT use this? I spend a small fortune each year on Teamviewer, LogmeIn and RHUB products that basically do the same thing? What do we need to do to commercialize this, document it and support it. It is very possible that RAT is a good thing!

its a vb6 code right? how about

Can you please help me... its urgent...!! The files in the zipped folder how it will work.... please please tell me! its my pproject in Engg n day after tommorow is my presentation day!

this is showing error on downloadind ..this is a zip flie ...when i m trying to unzip it it shows unexpected end of archieve

I try to run trojan application, but it only opens a second file of trojan and my norton anti virus says backdoor trojan was blocked. What do I do?

Are you sure tat you can not be traced back to the client when usin this Mr.Admin..??? In case sum1 really mistakes it for an illegal act ..

If no... how do you clear ur tracks???
It wud hv been better if u had a feature at the clients end to crash the server and corrupt its files, in case u end up being traced..

neways good work..

- John Michael

hey i downloadand my avg 011 stopped me from downloading can i rlly download it?

Close your antivirus before you download the source code. Antivirus will detect this as generic trojan as the purpose of this program.

I have downloaded your trojan but when i want to make a connection to another computer (victim) it demands me a passeword. I don't know which password i need ?


Thats the password


You might have read the part about my trojan horse: Look at my keylogger. Scanned with 40+ antivirusses and nothing found.. This is even part of my trojan horse:

Scan results:


ha ha ha..................

ha ha realy evertyme avira scans its killed

I have downloaded this code and I want to use my laptop to control my desktop and then be able to discreatly wire transfer the Doom Virus that I am rebuilding and what i want to do is compile this code but i have VC++ 2008 but before I start playing with trying to set this up with out knowledge of compabality with vc++ and VB so any help will be thanked but if you have the .exe files that will also work.

i am new to visual basic and i really need help understanding it.. is there anyone who can hlp me plz.

Hey Buddy this is an excellent program, I am a VB 6.0 programmer and I write client server applications and I must say your program is toooo good, par-excellence, even the design rocks, I have been searching for program codes like this for years .... is there anyway to by-pass the router or connect to the remote computer without using an IP address like for example if I need to connect to a computer over the internet, the target computer will have a private IP address assigned by a router (ex- so how do I connect to such a computer using the program? plz help me and thanks a million in advance
God Bless You

Use a reverse connection & port forwarding through your router.

how to infect ?,,,trojan use winsock ,have to be put in /system32 --> mswinsck.ocx,,and ,,yet ,,stealth HOW ??

how can i compile this? what steps can i do?

sorry my eng. are from Denmark
compile ---> Visual Basic 6 ,program !
hmmm ,,i'am programming trojans my self ,, use
"http, proxy webserver" ,,connections ,,( http ->port 80 ).
,,, the "trojan(sub).exe" ,,uses MSWINSCK.OCX ,,have to be put
in DIR // System32 ,,, so ,,the trojan server are in 2 parts !
big ? ,how to infect ,,, !!
From Denmark <> SS

How does the server with client contact

How I can run this app from Windows 7

When I run "Client" I get error message "U don't have registered MSWINSCK.OCX in system"

When I was try reg this component in system I get error message ......

How run this app in Windows 7

By using this program you abide to the terms and conditions below:

You are not allowed to use this program for illegal purposes
You are not allowed to install the server program to other computer without the permission of the owner
You are not authorized to change the source code without permission from the author
You are not allowed to distribute the source code in the internet without the permission from the author
Any laws pertaining to malicious hacking are included in this terms and conditions

This is bullshit, you dont have any rights to this software even if you made it, unless you own a legal copy of Visual Basic, and have a legal registered company, which i strongly doubt

Yes, because you are ignorant and know nothing about law.

This is not all about having a legal company idiot. This is all about intellectual property.


Hahaha sir relax ang puso malaglag ^_^

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

Hahaha. Warm up pa lg yan. :)

how do i install the software on the servers computer?

Compile the server program and run it on the target machine.

i tried to connect using port keeps on counting and stop when it reaches 90 sec...nothing happens..what is missing?

Is the server running on the computer you are connecting with? If yes, then may be it's your firewall that blocks this port.

how do i know if the server is running sir? the only thing i see is the client which is running on the computer i used

When it is listening to the port. Did you happen run it?

what do you mean?i run the client server..i didnt run the server

You need to run the server in order to connect to the remote computer.

I will run first the server on the same computer where my client run?

Yes you can.

I'm just trying to learn more about Trojans and how they're programmed because I've often had friends ask me how to remove Trojans from their system. I downloaded your ZIP file and am trying to run the Client portion of the Program but it says its missing files.

I have captured a desktop screenshot just to show you what I mean. Also, can you tell me more specifically about how Trojans are coded? Specifically what files they might go for in the registry and how to eradicate them manually.

Thanks in advance.

Error: Free Image Hosting at


i've been doing the same thing for a while, trojans are one of the most fun things to make via VB, as it's easy and you learn so much about networking when doing so, and eventually get of trojans and make something thats of use to someone lol. for your error above, click your start button, open 'run' and type: regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx

you got that error because mswinsck.ocx 'Winsock Control'
is either missing, currupt, or in this case not registered, thats what the command above is for.

regards mim

when v open client and server projects & compile error comes "cant load the project".

when i want to connect ip address then also error "method data member not found reply fast"

how do i get VB 6.0 for Linux systems?

I need mswinsck.ocx to compile your application,,

Every computer (Windows OS) has a component like this.

Why you can't find winsock. What's your OS?

I run Ubuntu 8.10 Linux, how do I get VB 6.0 for Linux, can you give me a linan't find one for Linux, i can't even find any programming for Linux

You can use Wine to run Software from Microsoft. But I don't recommend it.

I recommend you run VMWare or Win4Lin on top of linux. Be sure though that you have a lot of memory so you don't have problem with downtime.

i have downloaded the code, i get all the visul basic files. i tried to compile them but i was unsuccessful. what program should i use?

What do you mean by "what program should i use?"?. Do you mean the visual basic?
You need visual basic 6.0 to compile this program.

Do you happen to have msn?
so i can ask questions?

There's a lot of contact in my Messenger so I can't give you this. If you have question, you may post it here or email me at contact page.

Hi dude
  I am aravind and yesterday only i visisted this website. And i got lot of information from this website. I need small information that HOW CAN I ABLE TO ACCES THE DATA FROM FINANCE.YAHOO.COM.. I am doing some Stock Management project, It will retrive the data from internet and saved in to the DB. Can you help me that how ca i able to do that thing in C# or ASP.NET.. and also i need some sample code for REAL ESTATE Management System.My Email  Id is [email protected].I hope i can get some idea from you

You need to contact Yahoo!Finance if they have an API for this. As of now I don't have code for real estate management system.


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