Internet Cafe Billing

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A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system:

  • Allow connection from multiple computer
  • Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc.
  • Time plan
  • Member and walk-in customer
  • User's rate information
  • Automatic generation of a coupon/user code and password
  • History report
  • And best of all I did not use any 3rd party controls
  • And a lot more...

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thanks for the reply i appreciate it.

first of all i thank to you for your open source code.....

when i open the database it ask password.......

what is the database password??????please...........


Please search the code for the password. It is actually embedded in the source code.

im newbie in vb6 and access. what i want is when i input the data in the form and save it in the database. once i close the program and rerun it the data is still there. what i mean the textboxes are not empty. the data that i input earlier will retain even its already save in the databse. the textboxe are disable. it will only be enabled once i click edit. thanks in advance!

Downoad Password Management program. It will teach you the basic of database programming.

Don't download advance source code here like Hotel, Billing, Point of Sale, Inventory System. This will just complicate you in the long run. Download simple source code to learn the basic.

can you use Flexgrid instead of Datagrid? and can you post it on here also? Thanks

Be specific to what you are asking. I am not a psychic to guess what you mean. :)

Hi can i use this program for our Thesis Project. We just borrowed codes and logic from this promising project but... our thesis needs some more development just like 'How can we make a program that will run the generated time code like in a real Internet Shop?' 'Do we need to make another program to execute it? If yes, can you help about this matter? As i know your program is like a Server but we lack a program that will acts like a Users. -Ray

You have almost anything that you want in this code. It is a client/server internet cafe program just like MyCafeCup, EasyCafe, etc.

This is an internet cafe manager.

We know we can't further use this program when we reach Senior year 'cause this is your credit not ours but we'll try to study more and dig more about VB. For now, this is just a preparatory thesis for our subject and hoping that you will allow us.

You can use this program for your thesis writing. But do not copy everything here.

i downloaded ua project also i played it in vb
but its not workin some error is coming...
plz help :(

What about sir if ang Server ang computer # 1. pano kami ka - connect kung ang User computer # 2. Can you help about this matter sir? Chmscian ni gli sir ah. D kami gling ka defend pa sang codes mo sir advance eh but if we're given the chance to study all the given codes with your help we're willing to do so. We just need to have a study about the codes.

If you have multiple computer the server program will automatically detect the computer name of the client.

Are you from talisay campus? What year level and course?

Yes. IS 2ndyr student.

Dear i like to know password of access database of Internet cafe billing

You can search for password in the source code and you'll see it in the connection string.

There's so many programmers here who ask this before. A database password is always embedded in the source code except if you create a config file to put your encrypted password there.

hi, im looking forward for this awsome project i really like it i want to learn vb code and i found this codes i hope i can make may own program like this for my own shop.. thanks by the way what the use of admin tab??

It is actually another features that I did not finish. I don't have much more time now so I cannot continue with it.

error while loading the project "crviewer.dll" please update this dll & mail me [email protected] it will be very kind of you

You need crystal reports 8.5 in order to run the reports in this program. You may come back with in 24 hours and I will create a setup file for this source code so that you will have a runtime dll for crystal reports.

While compling the following message appears 'Compile error : String not defined'.

Please help me.

Case 0

Please download internet cafe billing again. Just fix some error when compiling the server project.

Thanks for reporting the error.

What are you compiling? server or client?

I'm compiling Server,,,help please

I have an instruction in the readme.html file on how to access the front end database. It was created using ms access.

I want a Detailed Information o this Project.
I'm thinking of taking up this project for my last year , hence i want a Blck Book(Project Report) of this entire project.

How this project is used , for what it is used , How to Install it, and so on.

I hope u Reply to me.
Good Work Yaar...


Please bear in mind that I cannot create a user manual based on your requirements. This way I can save my time to update more of my source code.

I want ur Assistence to make a project on Imitation Jewelery Database.

And also how to run this project

What kind of database do you like for jewelry? Do you have an existing project?

i have existing ready to used software for jewelry...

Jewelry Management Control with account receivable

DB: SQLserver 2005 express

email: [email protected]

I don't hav any Existing Project.

send me the code for the internet cafe billing, it is very good.


You can download internet cafe source code for free here. It is located above this comment.

Here's the link anyway:

i didn't open your files.. can this software run on 2008??

when I downloaded your source code I tried to open the database....It needed a password......can I ask for the password for me to see it and analyze it...thank would be a great help.....

when I downloaded your source code I tried to open the database....It needed a password......can I ask for the password for me to see it and analyze it...thank would be a great help.....


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