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Hi to all,I creat this application in vb.net2008, Lets try and enjoy .........
Have a good day...

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hi sir . i need media player source code for C# :(
please help me . thank u .

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hi, i want to create image viver with automatically changing image in form in 2008 please help to create .
me bhupendra with email id is '[email protected]'

i want to make media player which control keep in primary display and play in secondary display.
please help me..............

Please help me on my new project of latest media player to write it i can make many source code a output which i need not observe please please contact at my account

[email protected]

I need one latest media player project in you help me pls,pls send the project to my yahoo account
[email protected]

i have a project and i need to play in using window media player

the thing is that i made couple of video
then the user will type the name of the video in the textbox
then the wmplayer will automatically play the video how can i do it help please

Dear if u r really want to solve Ur problem , then email me on
[email protected]

I need a simplest tutorial about window media player..


Your code is nice. I'd like to display a form which can search song by song id or song name on windows media player in fullscreen mode. when i play wmp player in full screen mode it can't catch any event to display form on it. Could you tell me how to solve this problem.

I really need your help.
[email protected]

Dear Miraj
Al-Salamu Alikom
Kindly please send me thesource code for WMP in MS-Access
Because I'm donig Quraan application and I need to command the recitation using the Windows media player tool
[email protected]

I'm running vb5 (I know it's old) and I made a program to play avi files but how do I tell vb that the file is done so it will go on to other things.


ur system in very nice.. can u help me. i have a problem in sql server 2005, sql server agent. i have error in populating csv file in sql database map drive in other server. can u help me? the error is cannot find path in my step sql agent.tnx

hi dear
we are uing vb.net2008 we are aneble use crystal report so please give the demo program (sourse code) to making a
crystal report
[email protected]

Hi there

I am new to vb 2008
I am currently working on a project that requires me to insert data to a data base...
I want to write the actual code for the button that I have called insert... so that when it is clicked the data in all the textboxes on the form will be added to the database..
I am using mysql database.... I have already connected to the database so all i need to do is add,update,delete data..

Thanks in advance for your help

can you send me a payroll system in by my yahoo acount
[email protected]

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