Draw a Taj Mahal Using C++

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This is a Graphics program in C++ to draw a TAJ MAHAL.
Developed by : Jignesh Chauhan ( MCA ) Student, india, Gujarat.
Mobile : 9998999756

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Only 1 word! AWESOME <3

I would like 2 thank the creator of this code.Its amazing !!!!!!!
Thank u once again for uploading it and hope to get some other amazing codes.


Hi Sir,
I m Jitendra Singh. How can i print data through printer by using my c or c++ program. I have already PRN and stdprn streams but it didn't work
sir can u plz sen me solution on [email protected]


This program is written by me 4 yrs back when i was in BCA 2nd yr. Its completely mine. Atleast u should give sm credit to me. Try to make program by urself insted of copy from smwhr else...

Thanks for comments.
for any queries:
contact me at:
[email protected]

Aayush Awasthi

Kindly contact jignesh for this submission and sent back to me your conversation regarding this code.

If I found out that this was really your code, then you have the right to either remove this code here or claim it as your own.

Sorry Dear,

All credit of this program goes to you.

Thanks and Regards
Jignesh Chauhan

I dont need to prove that this code is written by me... This code is available on many websites... I uploaded the code 4yrs back at:

i just hate guys like jignesh.. who copy codes from other sites try to be smart...


This program is written by me 4 yrs back when i was in BCA 2nd year... Atleast u shold give sm credit to me.... Anyways... try to make programs by urself.. instead of copying it from other sources....

Thanks for all comments:)....

for any query contact:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Aayush Awasthi
[email protected]

sir if u have done this project before please help with its project report and code any how many of the students have copied your project:)

how will i convert this program into java?

hi do you have a drawing of duke(java mascot)?

sir i have a problem.. theres an error...
it says:
fatal error  cannot open #include graphics.h no such file or a directory


really yaar i like it very much its the roof of creativity. i hav no words for this one.

It’s so much creative i have no worlds for this one, if you have like this any more project then upload it and also explain the source code with comments that help the learner to understand big project.
Anyways you did very good work its really so beautiful.

Its so beautiful.

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