Students Information System

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Student Information System

This will record the payments received from students. The amount is calculated using a running balance. It has a student's receipt report and Overall collection per school year and semester.

Hope this help.

Account Information

username: admin
password: admin

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plz help me to provide complete code for student information system application having pages showing using php:
email:[email protected]

can this source code be applicable to java netbeans?

Pls I need d codes for design and implementation of tourism information system. Will really appreciate if urgently attended to. Thanks

sir i need help regarding with the display of student tuition fees, balance and total
please attach the code in my email
[email protected]
thank you for the respond

Like! Thanks! =))

Iam woking a student information management system using phpmysql.Could you kindly provide me a full source code for this system...thanks.

can you give me a code of that system?.. thanks just email me..
[email protected] i will your response

Nice post thanks for post

please email me the payroll coding in vb for staff

Hi..Kindly provide me with code for student information system and another code for grading information system using database...if can have it pls kindly email me on my email add.

[email protected]

,I need a code for student information system,,,if can have it pls kindly email me on my email add. [email protected]

you need student information system..just email me at [email protected] or add my fb advertising programming at [email protected]

hello urgently i want source code for student details like attendence,marks ...plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz do mail... my mail id is [email protected]

this is very very use full thanks a lot

hi. how can i make an scale for password? a scale that can determine whether the password is weak, good, or strong?? please help me.

how can i download the or the vb6

hello sir!my name is anusha...i need source code for student management system front end as java and back end c++

my email id is [email protected]

hiiii...please provide me with code for student data manegment system
enrollment includes:
frontend java
backend c or c++
please help me

I need a code for student information system,,, pls kindly email me :-(
[email protected]

hi sir ! can you send the source code for search,,in visual basic

[email protected]
thankz a lot!

i need your help to do our proj..
About student record system using access2007 connect to visual basic!

kindly send me some codes of library system using vb6..tnx...and plssss.

Two problem:
1>i have 4 table: attendance,profile1,profile2,registration.
in all table employeeID is common.
So how i set primary key & foreign key.

2>I have datagridview. now I want to see the record of one month of employee,then i write employeeid in textbox then click on generate.
How to make this?

of mail to : [email protected]

sir, please help me regarding my project in on student information system having all the relevant pages. sir, kindly provide me with the c# coding,having uml diagrams, with the help of sql database. please help me sending the same to my id at [email protected]

Good day sir. Can u send me the source codes of this system in Java. It would be a great help in my IT project management course I'm currently taking. Here's my e-mail address: [email protected] Thank you.

sir kindly send me the codes of this please ..
[email protected]


i try to make a code base on my knowledge in PHP but when i calculate the grades it will give this kind of error "WARNING Division is zero" someone can help me in my problem on how to create the correct code?,. please???...

Sir Plz send MCA Project on my Email [email protected]

Hi.. evening sir Kindly provide me with the complete code for student information system application having pages showing using php :
Enrollment process
[email protected]

Can u pls send me a source code and any tutorials links for the project my email address: [email protected]. Coz i need to automate my informtation system in the office. Thank you!.

please help me this database not opened please help me so entered
user name :admin and password admin but title not entered plese help me and answer to email :[email protected]

pls send me java source code of student info system

Greatly appreciated your effort and your project is very useful; Thank You so Much.

sir may you kindly send me the source code and documents for online student information system in php/java

Hai friends i want online student attendance system project or attendance related project. If you have please please mail me on [email protected]

sir,im a computer Science. I need help for my project "Student profile using the add/use module connecting to access 2007" . Please kindly send me the entire code on my mail id:
[email protected]
hope your early kind enough reply.

school Managment system

i am computer science final yr student and i required this project "school managment System" as my minor project and i will submit it till tomorrow. plz help me sir my e-mail id is [email protected].
plz sirrrrrr............

i am mansur maibeni by name a final year student,pls sir help with student calculation result system because is my final year project. my email is [email protected]

hi sir,,im jelly, i need some suggestion about what title of a system that can be use of a particular school using php/mysql.this is my email..([email protected])godbless..more power

i am final yr student and i required this project "Attendance managment System" as my minor project and i will submit it till tomorrow. plz help me sir my e-mail id is [email protected].
plz sirrrrrr............

sir help me....... for my thesis in Student Information System in visual basic or with database system also include documentation sir i need your help send my email [email protected]

sir please help me..for my project or student information system in visual basic......source code and documentation..please help me sir.....

sir i want make attendence system can you tell how can i start i want to make my software use .net platform and the back-hend i wil sql with asp.

your interface looks like
id/name/logintime/logout time/also if some one late then go to alert mail on thier id.

plz give me hints how can i start ]my email id
[email protected]

sir .. pls send me source code for the project" tourist information system" as soon as possible.. pls mention the software and hard ware reqirements needed to run the codings... pls send me this source code sir.. im helpless...

sir plzzz send me a report of student management system as soon as possible..............

Hai friends i need online attendance system project in java:-) if you have then mail me no [email protected]

can i have the source code pls?
E-mail: [email protected]

sir i need a java coding for student management system
if you have code for anything about student so please send to me
my email id is [email protected]
sir please send sir....


Sir, I really need a code for STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM ON VISUAL STUDIO 2010 or Visual Basic 6, For Student Records and Profile and Student Delinquency for OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS.
Please help me, i need it as soon as possible. Thank You!

plz provide me documentation of STAFF ATTENDANCE SYSTEM .
my mail id - [email protected]


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