Faculty Evaluation System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code


Project: Faculty Evaluation System using PHP/MySQLi

About The Project

The Faculty Evaluation System is a PHP/MySQLi project that helps a certain school to manage their faculties evaluation results. The system has 3 user types which are the Administrator, Faculties, and the Students. The Administrator user is in-charge of maintaining and populating the data in the system database using the front-end feature for the admin sides such as the list of subjects, faculties, students, and some other related data. The student users are is permitted only to evaluate the faculties that are assigned to their class per subject which means if the faculty teaching the class 2 subjects, the class will evaluate the teacher twice. The faculties users are only allowed to view their evaluation result even the evaluation is still ongoing. The system evaluation result will be based on the system default academic year which can be managed by the admin on the academic page. The evaluation questionnaire is dynamic in this system which means the admin can create the questions and arrange the order of the questions per evaluation criteria.



  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • Subject Management
  • Class Management
  • Faculties Management
  • Student Management
  • Evaluation Criteria Management
  • Academic Year Management
  • Evaluation Questionnaire Management
  • Users Management


  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • Evaluate Faculties


  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • View Evaluation Result

Dashboard Page

Admin Dashboard Page

Questionnaire Management Page

Questionnaire Management

Student Evaluation Questionnaire Page

Answer Sheet

Evaluation Result Page

Evaluation Result

The Faculty Evaluation System was developed using HTML, PHP/MySQLi, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery/Ajax), and Bootstrap for the design. The source code is fully functional and easy to modify or enhance. Follow the instruction below to have an actual experience using this simple project.

How to Run

  1. Download the source code and extract the zip file.
  2. Download or set up any local web server that runs PHP script.
  3. Open the web-server database and create a new database name it "evaluation_db".
  4. Import the SQL file located in the database folder of the source code.
  5. Copy and paste the source code to the location where your local web server accessing your local projects. Example for XAMPP('C:\xampp\htdocs')
  6. Open a web browser and browse the project. E.g [http://localhost/eval]

Admin Access

Email: [email protected]
Password: admin123

Installation Demo

I hope this Faculty Evaluation System will help you with what you are looking for, feel free to download and modify the source code.

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Submitted bylloydlynn (not verified)on Sat, 01/02/2021 - 16:59

when i click evaluate as a student, the evaluation page does not come it only shows notification thanks for evaluating your teachers before i even evaluate them
Submitted byFrank Alevar Bacsal (not verified)on Sat, 02/06/2021 - 13:49

Can you help me to have a code on having a total percentage of the report or the total rating. Thanks
Submitted byParameswary Chandran (not verified)on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 23:40

Can i ask is there any JSP coding for this faculty evaluation system project?
Submitted byJose Primo Bar… (not verified)on Tue, 06/08/2021 - 01:52

Hi, thanks for the code, this is indeed a huge help to me. I was hoping if you have a documentation of this one? can I make it a reference for my research project? I am hoping for your response, thank you. Here's my email: [email protected]
Submitted byBacsan (not verified)on Tue, 06/22/2021 - 03:53

hi thanx for the code.. if you have a documentation of this one? can I make it a reference for my research project? I am hoping for your response, thank you. Here's my email: [email protected]
Submitted bykeerthanaa (not verified)on Fri, 12/16/2022 - 22:03

In reply to by Bacsan (not verified)

Faculty evaluation systems
Submitted bywayyee (not verified)on Wed, 12/29/2021 - 19:26

Error SQL query: -- -- Database: `evaluation_db` -- -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- -- Table structure for table `academic_list` -- CREATE TABLE `academic_list` ( `id` int(30) NOT NULL, `year` text NOT NULL, `semester` int(30) NOT NULL, `is_default` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `status` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT '0=Pending,1=Start,2=Closed' ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4; MySQL said: Documentation #1050 - Table 'academic_list' already exists
Submitted byDILEEPA N V (not verified)on Sat, 02/26/2022 - 12:09

How to change the print texts in pdf printing which file that will be stored
Submitted byAnonymous (not verified)on Sat, 03/18/2023 - 18:18

i want to add commen in student evaluation list, how can i do that
Submitted byEZINWA PERPETU… (not verified)on Sat, 03/18/2023 - 18:20

How can i add comment so that if you submit it will apeal in evalution report
Submitted byTilahun Debela (not verified)on Thu, 06/15/2023 - 23:42

Hello there! I hope these message reach you well. The admin access email and password is incorrect. Is there any thing i miss? please help!

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