Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - C#

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Hello I updated now my Scheduling System, I already include my source code here......

I would like to share here my Scheduling System, this system is only a part of my High School Enrollment System that consist of 8 modules(registrar,grader,controller,scheduler,checker/assessor, collector/cashier,administrator, and the Web Transcript).

This system covers timetable for a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm.

This has the capability show Room Schedule,Section Schedule, Faculty Schedule and can suggest Room Availability and Faculty Availability by displaying through graphical way.

This is a demo system so expect not all the functionality can be fully use.

Please fell free to use my DEMO system...If you are interested please contact me at my GMAIL:

Send me your feedback on this system

Here's the VB.NET version for this one Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - VB.NET

I already upload my source code... please fell free to use and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO COMMENT "Thanks" if you find my System useful to you... But if u take it for granted.. maybe I'll take some steps to remove this post =)

May God Bless us All

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THANK YOU so much for the solution, do you all so have the SQL for the database
if yes please send to [email protected].

Sir Itachi pwedi poba sa xammp mo gawin connection ng system kailangan ko kasi para sa thesis ko na enrollment system. Please sir Email:[email protected]

please I need your documents for your project can you send for my Email: [email protected]

can u send me the sourcecode with c# please i want it to graduation project about university schaduling my email [email protected]

Hello my dear Philip. Please I really need your help. I want to create the same app like what you did using ASP.NET MVC to put it in a web app form but i'm having some problems.
That's my email [email protected] please contact thanks my brother

hello sir,

i need to report of this project for study purposes for learn how it work, so i request you give me a report (with DFD or ER-Diagram) if it not available than please give me a source code without Error.

it's my humble request to you please give me a response ASAP.

Paras Gediya
([email protected])

Tank you for this source code

Hi friend,
Can you send me your code. I want develop for high school. My email: [email protected].
Thanks so much.

can u send me the sourcecode.... more better ...

[email protected]

Thanks alot for you!

Where do i download C# code

Can you send me the Source Code please, thank very much Email:[email protected]

hi, can you send me the source code please, thanks
[email protected]

thanks alot for you

this is same as manual doing.. diff is detect conflict upon entering.. need automated.. anyways thank you for the effort...

tnks :-)

Great work man but i hate c# hehehe, anyway i'll try to figure out and understand this code and convert this .NET by myself. anyway this system might be a very big help for my thesis specially my system was Student Enrollment System and its very hard for me to code by myself specially my we all got individual thesis. thanks for this. I'll use this as a guide not to copy all the codes content in this system. TY again and god speed.


Where is c# sorce code?


Very Good Sir
could you send me the full source code..
[email protected]
Thank You

Very Good Sir, I was looking it for so many days...
Thank You

hello did you have a database for this, creating logs with printable forms?

Hello friend :)

hello did you have a database for this, creating logs with printable forms?

Hello friend :)

Can i get the C code for this

thank god, finally I can pull my head out of my ass. I am working on something similar thanks though you just gave me an idea.

could you send me the full source code..
[email protected]

Is really good application. good job and thanks a lot.

hi, where i could find the log in username and password??? i can't open the software..

since we r using visual studio 2008 so does it mean ur program would not work ?

can u help w/ diz ?

wat should i neD to do ?

My program is working on different versions of Visual Studio if even it is a late version... As long as you know how to downgrade and convert it... then it is working...

do u have any documents rgarding w/ this system ? can i ask for it f its oki ? :)

hi i am an IT student and we have our mother thesis for this semester.. we need at least five titles. we already have a respondent. their business is about car tires..please help me i need your suggestions. pls e mail to my account ur reply. @ [email protected] you.

hi philip,,
can u help me in making my thesis? the employees information system..
in visual basic? please send me an e-mail for your comment...
[email protected]


thank u . . . .... im looking forward to hear from u soOn !

by the way im JESSIE TURA .

i am extremely interested w/ ur system, however i cant open it . Can u please help me ? i guess the language version u r using s not compatible w/ ours. Its just the same - C# , but i really dont know y it will not run .

would u mind to plz email ur rply on my yahoo account :
[email protected]

thank u so much !

hello this is itachi_philip at the my system compiled and developed under visual studio 2010.... u can use also the latest SharpDevelop an open source .Net IDE for C#, VB.Net, Phyton, etc.. inorder for my system to open...

hi can you help me in making my thesis the online residence registration system through text. i need a help on making this at the language of c# in making websites and via text in the phone ,please sent me an e-mail for your comment .my e-mail [email protected]

thanks for upload your project. can you send full source code to my email [email protected]?

Thank you for this... all your upload here are the best compare to others...

great work man

Can u send me the source code please? I really need it , and thank u a lot , this is my email [email protected]

Thank you.... hehehehe.... by the way you can also suggest what features you can add on my system...

can you give me all source code bro?

pahelp naman po...give me a sample title for my thesis ...plsss...ty

I already upload my source code... please fell free to use and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO COMMENT "Thanks" if you find my System useful to you... But if u take it for granted.. maybe I'll take some steps to remove this post =)

May God Bless us All

Are you on facebook? I’m actually an electrical engineering student & nowadays studying c# so I want to take project of time table management system so I want to take help from that & then I will show this to u please tell me right now?

Kindly upload the source code.


where Sourcecode?

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