DVD Sales and Rental System in C# and MySql

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Updated 10/12/11

Hello again, Here is my updated DVD Sales and Rental System..there are many changes happen to my system, and most of the bugs and error are now fix.. and as I promise about the cool GUI factor.. here it is you can download my system now...

Features of the system:
* the system has the capabilities to send email to there customer.
* Sales Order, Sales Return, Sales Delivery, Purchase Order, Purchase Order return and etc.
* can import from listview to excel.
* the system has a built -in Scheduler(Calendar scheduler like MS OUTLOOK).
* Charts and Graphs for data interpretation

Note: The status of the system is still ongoing... expect some new features and cool GUI factor on the next update...

May God Bless us all.....

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Hi I have downloded your code . And trying to run it . But getting error .
Error 19 Could not copy the file "D:\Dvd Rental Systems\FrontDesk\FrontDesk\CalendarSample.exe" because it was not found. FrontDesk
Please Help
THanks In Advance

PLZ send me a sales ana rental system project in c#...................... plz email id [email protected]

Visual Studio 2012 (+ update 1) give errors and wargins
Please update your source

hello kuya Philip. pwede mo po ako matulungan? O.O hm kung pwede po sana makahingi ng rental system na simple lang. pang remedial ko po :((

Hi, I'm Erick and still a newbie in programming . I've a project then I come to search for an example , that's what I find yours is very interesting. But when I try to Import the database to mysql it sho no database selected although I've select the dvd rental.sql
can anyone tell what to do ?

I can' t run StockandInventory Module of solution because of connnection and missing dll.
Although I can run FrontDesk of solution But i can't report because of missing dll.
Let me know where i can get missing dll.
Although i try with above dll from searching at internet,
Unfortunately it is not work.
Thanks in advance

you need to download the Crystal Report 9 in order for those missing dll's are fixed

while the

these are the dll's found in the Microsoft Excel... if you have Microsoft Excel installed in your pc then you can run this system properly by adding referrences like Microsoft Excel Interop..

I can run frontDesk Solution only,
When I used "New Sales Entry"
an Error occurs When I click Save button
please explain me what wrong to this solution ,
i think it may be "printing error" .

the error occurs when you never create an ODBC connection for the crystal reports.. to fix this one.

*Windows XP-
->Goto Control Panel -> Administrative Tools-> Data Source(ODBC)-> Add-> Select "MySQL ODBC Driver" -> Click Finish -> Fill all the required fields in MySQL Connector/ ODBC ->

TCP/IP: localhost
Port: 3306
User: root

Database: DVDSales

-> Test -> OK

thats it.....that fix the errors... for the windows7 user... the procedure in fixing the error using windows xp is closely related to windows7...

Anyway here's my new uploaded system

Scheduling and Timetabling System

Thanks again....

thanks so much for your answer.

but I do as you have told, Error occurs again.

The error message is "Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)). error"
at line ((System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize)(this.CR)).EndInit();
of fromPrintPreview.Designer.cs .

Let me know how to solve this problem

Thanks in advance

This error occur on the crystal report viewer attached on the frmPrintPreview.cs... the error started when Crystal Report activeX controls are not properly registered or no Crystal Report install in your pc.... to solve this problem... download Crystal Report 9 or later version,, install it in your pc and thats it... it fix the problem

Although i search to download Crystal Report 9 or later ,it is not work.
sorry,i cannot download Crystal Report 9 or later ,Could you like to tell me where I can get to download
Crystal Report 9 or later.pls tell me the link .
Thanks in advance.

Hi. The solution does not load on Visual Studio 2010. Do u know what might be causing the problem, or how I can rectify the issue. I'm new to Visual Studio. Thanks in advance.

If the solution file does not load... then try to load the project file not the solution file....By the way I use Visual Studio 2008 for that project..Maybe it is due to unknown error during conversion... try to open it again... but use the project file...

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]facebook.com

hi sir philip,

where will i find the updated scodes for dvdrentals?
did you also update the db structures?

thanks more power/ more codes

The source code will be updated soon... maybe it takes time for me to update... i need to reconstruct the system's design and make it more efficient..

Anyway here's my new uploaded system

Scheduling and Timetabling System

thank you again...

hi sir philip,

i notice the cash sales module just a presentation of total sales order,
what function do we have in the cash sales module?

i was thinking its like independent module like in the
vb6 InventorySystem (base/core)

thanks more power again

By the way,,, Maybe you the downloaded the old one... try to download the new one... coz I been thinking about the cash sales module you have said but when I look again my system.. It only Contains 2 module, the Front Desk Module and the Stock and Inventory Module...

By the way thanks for appreciating my work.. May God Bless you...

HI itachi_philip,

do you have a ms sql script? for your mysql
want to run your app via ms sql db


hi itachi_philip,

im so confuse with the version of your crystal reports
in the references you had refer to a crystal report version 9
but in your project was in vs2008 how can you have access to old
crystal report components in this project.

coz i have referene problem


MORE APPS / More Power to u philip


Yes, I use Crystal Report 9 although it is an old version yet nothing is impossible if you try to incorporate it with Visual Studio 2008.. If you have some problem with crystal report, I add some of its DLL's in the Bin Folder..

Sorry but i dont have a MS SQL script for that,,,,

Hello my friend
I have a problem with some references. How can i found them?
Thank you

Your Code gave me any good inspirations for "How to connect to a MS-SQL (not MySQL) database" in C#



your welcome.... if hehehehe if you are interested to provide you a complete system please fell free to contact us.... see the facebook link below... just post your inquiries there..

Hi cutie ... can i ask something ?? hehe
i just want to know if what are different queries that
i'm going to input on my DVD Table using MY SQL .

.sir i like this one too. please help me. i want this to make as our thesis. please :) email ko po [email protected]

Your the best.
May i have the inventory system in c#.

Please send info to:
[email protected]

Thanks again. Your a life saver.


Bug and error connection [email protected]@

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