Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Introduction: Welcome to the Java tutorial on Multi-Dimensional Arrays. I would highly recommend you have a look at my Arrays page before reading through this one! What is a Multi-Dimensional Array? A Multi-Dimensional Array is an array which contains more than one index at any given placement. For example; instead of just having a value at the index "3", we could have "3""0", "3""1" etc. When are Multi-Dimensional Arrays Used? Compared to arrays there are not used as often. A good purpose for Multi-Dimensional Arrays is when you have sub-topics or values of main topics or values. So for example we could have some titles or books and games, like shown below (theory): (0 = Books, 1 = Games) [0][0] = "Book A" [0][1] = "Book B" [0][2] = "Book C" [1][0] = "Game A" [1][1] = "Game B" [1][2] = "Game C" Examples: Here are some code samples to help you understand:
  1. String[][] myArray = new String[10][10];
  2. myArray[0][0] = "Book A";
  3. myArray[0][1] = "Book B";
  4. myArray[0][2] = "Book C";
  5. myArray[1][0] = "Game A";
  6. myArray[1][1] = "Game B";
  7. myArray[1][2] = "Game C";
  8. System.out.println(myArray[0][2]);
  9. System.out.println(myArray[1][1]);
  10. String[][] presetArray = {{"Book A", "Book B", "Book C"}, {"Game A", "Game B", "Game C"}};
  11. System.out.println(presetArray[1][2]);
The above code outputs the following...
Book C
Game B
Game C

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