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Welcome! This tutorial page will teach you about the "Return" keyword in Java.

What is a 'keyword'?
A keyword is a word which already has a set/pre-defined action within Java. For example; public is a keyword which allows other classes to access the public variable or function/method.

So, what does the "Return" do?
Return is used to send a value back from a method or function to the place where it was called. The type of value to return depends on the type of method the return keyword is encased in. Below is an example of two different methods, one returning an integer, and the other returning a string.

Setting up the call:

  1. System.out.println(returnThisTutorial());

Returns a string:

  1. private static String returnThisTutorial() {
  2. return "Hey!";
  3. }



Returns an integer:

  1. private static int returnThisTutorial() {
  2. return 4;
  3. }




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