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Medical Alert Gadget

Technology becomes so advance that can help us solve our problem. Computer as we seen 20 years ago is just a replacement for a typewriter. But today, it can extend to a very high tech gadget that even help medical practitioners. I read news before at Yahoo that one mother is alone in her house with diabetic problem. If not because of the web camera that her daughter installed in their house may be

Corporate Video

Being a programmer I am always looking at the work of other programmer. There’s a lot who become successful in their endeavor yet there’s another who just wishing to meet their dream. Programming is not just a dream. It needs action. Action that will lead to productive output. Just like what I can see in They have a lot of programmer experiences which includes PHP, SQL, Lingo

Countrywide Training Onsite

One of the best things to learn computer programming is through reading of Books and other materials related to programming. This can be a form of a tutorials, articles, videos, and even audio materials. The difference if you are a programmer is that, you really need to study hard in order to meet your goal. One way to become a successful programmer is to motivate yourself in learning new ideas so

code for print current record which show on vb form to printer

hello, how are you great vb master thanks for textbox like list its work here is new one i told u that i am new in vb i learn vb 6 by myself without any teaching class or any college here i made a form like salebill for Pharmacy this form have bill no:- , Patient Name:- , Doctor Name :-, Date:- , these are textbox and labels i also use MshFlexgrid for many items which purchse patient may be u

code for textbox

hi there i am new for vb 6 i want know code that when i type " A " in textbox Then listbox show all record from database startin with " A " letter i write code it is wrong or not i don't know here is my code Private Sub Text1_Change() If Len(Text1.Text) > 0 Then List1.Visible = True recordadd "companymaster", "companyname", Text1.Text, List1 Else List1.Visible = False End If Public Sub recordadd

File Extension TS

Most of us are already familiar with so many website that brings information about different drivers for our computer. But to an average computer user it is very frustrating sometimes to find a suitable driver that will make your computer run faster. File Extension TS in this case came to rescue. You do not need to search from a lot of website just to see what you are looking for. File Extension

Video Game

While I am so very busy working with my tutorial, a friend of mine told me to look for a Video Game on the internet that is for sale. Although I am a fun of video game like what I found at ShopWiki I am amazed how informative this website that gives a tremendous listing about different kinds of video game buying guide.They also list different Video Game Controllers. This is very helpful if you

I'm Back

After a long period of silence, I wish I could give you more source code to enjoy. My lack of presence in the past few days was due to my hectic schedule in my office. Although I am still doing what supposed to be done in my website but my time is not enough to suffice the work. Programming is of course not just a simple job. It needs time to work with, a determination to finish what you have