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Computer Programming – The Future of the World

There’s a lot of speculation on what will be the future of the world in the year ahead. Whatever it is, the programmer will play important role in this stage. We are now very dependent on technology and we cannot deny the fact that the world is advancing so rapidly because of this. I found a good video from YouTube predicting the world in the Year 2057. Whether you believe it or not, the reality

How to Improve your Programming Skills?

In this article you will learn a simple technique on how to improve your programming skills. I know this will work because this is a proven experience of my own. The following steps will greatly improve your programming skills. 1. Read a book – I cannot stress how important reading to improve your programming skills. But for me it work very well. More on “A Very Important Tool a Computer

Uncommon File Extension

Way back in 1998 when I am just starting to learn programming as a student I downloaded some source code in the internet in the form of a zip file. Since I do not know what a zip file is, I open this file in visual basic and found a collection of garbage code. It is very frustrating after you download a file yet you cannot open it. But thanks to that fixes the problem

Drivers Collection

I just want to share with you a solution with your problem in your computer hardware. Two months ago I was trying to revive my old computer. After installing Windows 98, I cannot locate some of the Drivers for my motherboard, video card, and LAN Card. While browsing the internet for available drivers I came across to DriversSoftware website and found the driver. I know that this seems to be easy

please help me to correct the followin java code

// hello i got some errors in the code below, and i dont understand how to correct so please guide me import java.util.Scanner;public class Task72{ public static void main(String[] args) { String [] entry=new String[10]; input(entry); display(entry); check(entry); public static input(String []urentry) { System.out.println("Enter ten text entry"); for(i=0; i<10;i++) { Scanner scan=new Scanner

Program Bugs

First of all, I would like to thanks those who reported some bugs on my program particularly on the tutorial called “How to Connect to a Database and Add/Update/Delete Record“ . As I analyze the source code there is an error when you try to add a record the second time. Not only is the tutorial affected with this error, but also the Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET) version. I hope you bear with

Website Template

Last week I change the template of this website. I am wondering if you like the new design. My friend told me that he likes the old one. Please write a comment below if you have seen the previous design of this website. I am willing to change the design back to its previous appearance. Your comments will be of great help if you can also express yourself for the betterment of this website.

Server Monitoring For Web Applications

In my previous topic about web hosting I discuss on how to review a site before deciding on where to host your website. There are some cases where you want to host you own website on your own computer. Although I don’t recommend building your own infrastructure because I was doing it before and failed so many times due to the complexity of system maintenance. In regards with this, I found good