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Life Alert Technology

In today’s technology, life is more convenient. New gadgets help us make living life easier, one of which is the FALL Detection detector which alerts 24/7 to help protect your loved ones whenever there’s an emergency. Even when you are away from home, you know they will always be monitored and even if you are not by their side most of the time, you will be assured of their safety. It is good to

Thesis Writing

I know how hard to create a program especially if you are a student. I’ve been on this situation before and luckily I was able to pass this requirement. I write this article due to the demand of so many students who visited this website. Unfortunately I cannot answer all your queries because I am prioritizing some paid services like thesis writing. In this matter, I am willing to help you create

Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows 7

With the new version of Windows to be release on October 22, 2009, Microsoft Corp. made a statement that Visual Basic 6.0 is still supported. This is good news to all programmers who still use VB 6.0 as their programming language. When Windows Vista came out the number one software that I try to install is my beloved Visual Studio 6.0. In my amazement it was not supported. There was no backward

Being So Kind

Being kind as human is sometimes very hard to achieve. But being so kind occasionally or frequently will produce in more opportunity. This is what happens to me. When I started giving away my source code to my fellow programmers I saw a drastic change on the opportunity that is coming to me. The Benefits of Being So Kind There’s a lot of benefit if you share your source code. I cannot stress all