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How to Map Network Drive

This article will teach you on how to map a network drive. The purpose of this article is to help those who do not know how to share a database from other network so it can be access by multiple computers. There are two kinds of approach in sharing a database. One is through a Client/Server architecture which uses a database server like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. The other is

Invalid Password. Please Try Again Problem

If you encounter this problem when logging in to one of my program like Hotel Reservation System, Point of Sale, Billing System or any source code that uses a blowfish to encrypt and decrypt a password then this article will teach you on how to resolve this. This problem is caused by a regional setting in your computer. If you are not using an English language in regional settings this will most

Home Security with Your Fingerprint

Security is essential to every person, the feeling of being secured is important in order for us to live life fully. Although, nowadays when we watch the news, we can see robbery and other crimes as well. We take care of our home the same way as our other possessions so we make sure of its security. Using keys as safekeeping for our homes is not as helpful now as it was in the past; luckily there

Microsoft Access Bugs

Library System Whether this is a bug or not I want to share with you what I have found out in using Microsoft Access. While it is true that MS Access is a powerful database application there are still some disadvantages in using this. Most especially if you use it in multiuser environment where different computers are connected to a file server. When one of my clients complains to me that they

Cloud Computing

There are lots of SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) who are looking for the File server which can provide great advancement for their everyday activities. They need File Server for storing and accessing important data for their everyday transaction. This problem is dealt by Egnyte On Demand File Server a company which delivers infrastructure demands-service to both small and medium enterprise

Wpdesigner Review

What is Wpdesigner? Web designing is not so new for us because even in a simple blog or online community site, design is present. This is the main reason why Wpdesigner exist and provide their service. Wpdesigner is a blogging site that main focused is to developed Wordpress themes and provide a high performance of blog’s through the use of improved code and design tweaks. There are so many