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How to Ask Question

I am observing daily how this website grows from zero visitors to 45,000+ visitors a month. How I wish I could help you more with your problem in your programming question. In behalf of this, there are so many students who don’t even know what they are asking. I suppose to write a detailed explanation on this topic. But due to the increase of shocking inquiry from my visitors I write this to

Programmer Sometimes Needs Eyeglasses

Most programmers are working more than 8 hours a day just to meet the deadline. While this is true for most of us, sometimes we need protection to our eyes. One may suggest that in order to maintain the healthiness of our eyes you must leave your computer every hour just to relax your eyes. Computer radiation is critical to our health especially on our eyes if you are not conscious about it

Personalized Jump Drive

I have attended so many trainings and seminars for the past years and I noticed that almost all of the company that hosts the training and seminar has their own brand for their giveaways. I am talking about Personalized Jump Drive. There is of course a good impression to your company if you create your own brand. But branding is as easy as going to other company who can help you make your own

how to set paper size by write code in vb 6.0

Hi Vb Master I made a project for sales, I made sale bill problem is how can i set the paper size by code in vb 6.0 i use ado and database sql how can i calculat the measurment for paper in vb 6.0 what is pixels and how can write code through it also what is chr (...)+ chr (....) + chr (..) can you tell me every possible knowledge for reset paper size and

Speed-Up Software Development : Framework-Driven Development

Many software developers today are still using the old way of "write your own code" strategy. Although it may seem right for a developer's perspective in terms of skill enhancement and originality, when it comes to developing large-scale applications on a tight deadline, this may not seem to be the best approach.

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Student Credit Cards

Extra Credit Cards has a vision to stay the students informed of the information about consumer’s guide to online credit card. You can learn about low interest credit cards and find the best deals before applying for a credit card online. This will save you time reviewing various website just to find out the information like card offers, student credit cards, bad credit card and secured credit