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10 Female Programmers Who Left Great Marks In I.T. Field

Usually, the number of males in a class taking a computer course is greater than the number of females. Most girls are in the medical field, the teaching field, and in the culinary field. However, not known to many, there are at least ten females who actually left great marks in the field of Information Technology. These female programmers proved that it is not only the males who can excel in the

Google Cloud Announces Node.js Runtime Now Supported In Its App Engine Environment

Recently, a good news for the developers has crossed the surface. Google Cloud has paved the way to make it easier and simpler for the developers in writing the server code in JavaScript. How? Based on a recent article on Developer, the Google Cloud has made an announcement that its App Engine environment is now supporting Node.js, a fast cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment which makes

Top 5 IDE for Python

Python, a programming language created by Guido van Rossum, is one of those that is widely used by programmers in coding activities. One of its best features is that it enables clear programming both in small and large scales with the utilization of whitespace. This language also supports procedural, object-oriented, functional, imperative, and other programming paradigms. The initial work with

React Tagged As Most Popular Front-End JavaScript Framework Following Rapid Adoption

When you will search online, you will find that there are lots of JavaScript frameworks that can help you sort out things as you build a web, mobile, or desktop application. The number of frameworks online will surely make it hard for you to decide which among them will provide the solution to the need of the application. If you're looking for a framework that answers to specific needs, the React

4 Excellent Frameworks For Developing Mobile Hybrid Apps

Developing mobile hybrid applications now is way more interesting and convenient than before. With the presence of the different excellent frameworks, developers can build more and more apps that can run on major platforms. On the other side, yes, competition is also tighter now when it comes to app development but the passion to develop the best app plus the presence of an excellent framework

Google To List Only Android Apps With 64-bit Support On Play Starting Aug 2019

Undeniably, lots of people around the world are using Android mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Thus, Google Play is the venue where most people download applications that are needed for work, school, or simply for entertainment purposes like games, photo editors, and video makers. To ensure that the Android users get apps that are of high performance and security, Google has decided to

Top 10 Advantages of Django Web Framework:

Hello, Happy to see all of you again on my official blog entryway page. You would feedback be able to my online journals If I am wrong as none are comfortable circumstances. The need of this blog is adopting new and sharing the thoughts. That is the reason I used to connect with my clients. Presently, I figure you may have been clear about Django web structure. As an update, it's limitlessly

Learn Java For Free With This Course

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a beginner, the first step in learning how to program is to learn from the basic concept of any programming language. Today, I’m going to introduce to you the free course from Udemy which garnered more than 729k students. The course is Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners. Though the course is quite old, it was last updated on October 2015, the importance

Network Tools (Latest Update)

If you have downloaded my source code Network Tools before, I fixed and added some features. You may download the code again to get the latest update. What's New -Fixed all the bugs of the old version -Added Advanced Wi-Fi Hotspot with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) This programs contains the following programs: ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-Wi-Fi

Updated: Top 30 Game Programming Courses Online to Improve Your Skills

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a game developer but you're having a hard time looking for the best place to start learning how to program? We have handpicked 30 of the most popular game courses from Udemy to help you achieved your goal. Many of the courses below are already used by thousands of students and they already started building their own company. Imagine having a course that can teach